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How to Draw Easy World Map Drawing Step By Step with Labels | Line Drawing

Today, World maps are available in all shapes and sizes. Considering this, we don’t need a map to get where we’re going anymore. There’s a map in your car and GPS on your phone. But the world isn’t flat, and many places won’t even show up on a GPS. Let’s get started on drawing one ourselves. Using a pen and paper, of course, but also using computer software if you prefer.

Maps can be flat or curved. A flat map shows the entire planet as one piece, with meridians forming great circles cutting across the earth. Curved maps break the world into regions grouped by land or water features like oceans or mountain ranges. The hardest part of drawing a map is deciding exactly how much detail you want and where to put it, which can be difficult because there’s no natural way to measure that kind of thing.

Because maps are flat, they distort the world somehow, but some ways are better than others. In this video, we’ll take a look at how distortions are measured and what projection methods can be used to minimize them.

Map Shape of World Map

The actual surface of the earth is curved, but maps are flat pieces of paper or computer screens. If you want to accurately represent the world on a two-dimensional piece of paper or screen, there’s no way to do it without distorting it somehow. We measure the distortion using an area scale which tells us how much larger or smaller an area is compared to its true size on earth.

A map that shows no distortion would have an area scale of 1 to 1 everywhere. That’s not possible without bending the edges of the map, so we have to make compromises. The most common way is by choosing a projection method that minimizes distortion. There are many different kinds of projections, and each one minimizes distortion differently. We will focus on three main types: cylindrical forecasts, conic projections, and azimuthal projections.

Most people use a computer to draw maps. But it’s also possible to do it by hand, using pencil and paper. This method is often preferable because it allows you to experiment freely without worrying about losing your work if something goes wrong. You may also like dove and face drawing

The simplest solution is to draw the world map sketch by hand as a sphere and project it onto a flat surface. The problem with this method is that it distorts certain parts of the world more than others. For example, Greenland looks enormous compared to South America .Check YouTube Chanel

A second option is to use an ellipse instead of a sphere. You can see how this works by looking at pictures of Earth taken from space: they look like ellipses because they’re projections of spherical Earth onto two-dimensional photos.

The earth is round and has no edges, so you can’t draw a perfect map of it on paper. But what if we could fold up the paper into three dimensions? Then we could draw an excellent map. That’s called an orthographic projection.

Tips for Fantasy Drawing World Map

Following are the tips for earth map drawing:

  • Start with a simple outline of the continents using a light pencil.
  • Draw the meridians, which are lines that run north and south.
  • Draw the parallels, which are lines that run east and west.
  • Add more detail to your map by adding the coastlines with a pen or marker.
  • Mark major physical features like rivers and mountains in pencil first, then draw them in pen or marker.

Art Supplies

Material required for globe map drawing:

1- Pencil

2- Paper

3- Eraser

4- Scale ruler

5- Ruler

6- Protractor

How to Draw World Map Pencil Drawing

Too many factors are involved here for anything other than guidelines to apply. To complete the map-drawing exercise, you can use the following general principles.

1- Determine the Size of Your Map:

A map can be as small as a few inches by a few inches or large enough to cover the entire wall of your room. Determine what size you want and sketch out the shape of the map on paper. The form will depend on whether you plan to make a flat or curved map.

Step 1 :

worldmap drawing easy

2- Draw Landmasses:

Draw in all the continents and islands that you want on your map. Try to keep them to scale, and don’t worry about coloring them in yet. If you’re going to add oceans or bodies of water, leave those blank for now.

worldmap drawing with labels

3- Create a Grid:

Use a ruler to draw straight horizontal lines across your map, then draw straight vertical lines down your map that crosses the horizontal lines at right angles. It will create a grid pattern over your map, each square will be equal in size and shape to every other square on the grid. The gridlines should only be visible on your working copy, not on the final version of your map.

worldmap drawing with names

4- Draw Parallels And Meridians:

Starting with the equator, use your ruler to draw circles around your globe.

worldmap drawing with countries

Final Drawing

worldmap drawing online

World Map Drawing Pictures

worldmap drawing images

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