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Two Hair Drawing is one of the most popular drawing especially in Kids. Drawing a human face is always interesting. True woman face drawing can bring happiness. A woman’s face with high resolution has a very captivating effect for beginners. If we try to draw a face, it is very interesting even if we didn’t learn about it much. Drawing a face is a difficult body component as we have keen attention to draw a face. 

Tips for Women’s face Drawing:

Because the faces of people are not the same in structure, shape, and size then you have to pay much attention to drawing a woman’s face with two hairs according to the structure, shape, and size. Your point of attention is about the face structure makes a face captivating.

Consider a women’s face having differences in structure, shape, and size. This face has a natural capability to rotate according to the limit. 

There are many fundamental distinctions between the faces of men and women of various ages. A man’s face, if we see, is thick in structure, having different sizes of nose and eyes. On the other hand, a woman’s face has slender anatomy and structure.

Facts About Women with Two Hair Drawing:

  1.  The women’s face from hairline to chin is the same in size as her hands.
  2.  Eyebrows are aligned with the top of the ear. 
  3.  As compared to a woman we can omit the eyelashes of a man’s face while drawing.
  4.    The eyes should be separated by one eye width.
  5.   The lower lip is thicker than the upper lip.
  6.   Make the nostrils of a woman according to the inner eyebrow according to width.
  7. Often cheek lines begin below eye level.

Women with two Hairs Drawing Easy:

 Many people often think that drawing a woman’s face is very difficult, I think it may be difficult but over time, you will find it very easy and pleasant.  

 Women with Two Hair Drawing Lovely:

 People of all ages like drawing the face of the women with their own hands. The face of a human has unique characteristics but these make a face lovely.

Women with two Hairs Drawing Simple:

Drawing a face with two hair is not as tough as many people believe. This can be drawn in simple stages.

 Women with Two Hair Drawing Ideas:

Imagine a face in your imagination to get the idea of making a face with two hairs. The face you have to draw should be in your imagination.

Materials for Drawing

These are the materials you’ll need to sketch.

· Simple Paper (For sketch)

· Led Pencil, Sharpener, And Eraser

How to Draw a Woman with Two Hair:

 To draw a women’s face with two hairs, you have to focus on the face of any person you want to draw. There are some simple steps to drawing a face with two hairs. If you give attention to this drawing then it will be very easy to make a fancy face and beautiful face with unique characteristics.

women with two hair drawing

Step 1:

 First and foremost, you have to remember the first point from where you have to start. You have to take a led pencil which should be sharp with a sharpener. An eraser would be needed to erase any mistake. Draw the left side of the face. Your first point should be the left ear and the inner side of the ear. Now draw a C-shaped line to make the left side of the neck of the woman.

Simple Women With Two Hair Drawing

Step 2:

After completion of the first step, you have to move farther to shape the face of a woman. Now draw a C-shaped line from the left side and end it on the right side near the ear. Draw the nose of a woman as shown in the image. In the step, you have to shape the right eye of the woman also.

Women With Two Hair Drawing For Kids

Step 3:

To form the right eye of the face, draw a line from the left side but on the inner side of the face line. Now this line is in such a way that it will not touch the nose of the woman. Now take this line to the left and end it on the outer side of the face. In this step, you have to make the lips also, as shown in the image.

Easy Women With Two Hair Drawing

Step 4:

Now you have to draw three different lines under the face to complete the neck of the face. In this step, you have to complete the neck only. Draw one line to make the right side of the neck and two other lines to complete the neck portion.

Women With Two Hair Drawing Step By Step

Step 5:

After completing the fourth step now you have to make the hair on the right side of the face. These are the simple steps to making a face with two hairs.

Cute Women With Two Hair Drawing

Women with Two Hair Sketch Conclusion

  The following post demonstrates interesting drawing ideas for a woman with two hair. It will help you to draw this type of drawing with your own hands and present it wherever you need it. Open the cool and fundamental drawing concepts and draw as many faces as you want if you don’t have access to a drawing tutor. If the initial attempt failed, try again to create a better and more advanced version. You may also like hand and face drawing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How to Draw the Women with Two Hair?

 The woman with two hairs has a particular structure to sketch. To make a fascinating woman with two hair, you must apply your imagination. It’s a very easy and straightforward drawing. 

What are the characteristics of women with two hairs?

It has many characteristics for beginners who think face drawing is very

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