How to Draw Easy Wolf Drawing Step By Step For Kids


The wolf is the nearest relative of the domestic dog with respect to the ancestor taxonomy and evolution. The wolf is a dog-like animal with big canines and is basically a carnivore with respect to nutrition. The wolves also feed on the decaying dead bodies of animals therefore, they are called scavengers. They are famous for hunting animals like mammals and grazing animals such as donkeys, zebra, deer, cows, goats, and buffaloes. They attack in packs on their prey and often win against that single animal if he is alone. Most often they live in the form of pairs that give rise to their own offspring to form a nuclear family.

Inside a wolf nuclear family, the parents are responsible to feed their young ones and hunt until a specific age. When the offspring reach adulthood and become independent they leave their parent habitat and make up new families. The wolves are very abundant in polar regions and some American regions covered with ice. They are also found in some deserts and green jungles depending upon the type of animals and atmospheres there. The wolves are famous for their special characteristic “Howling”, especially during cold full moon nights. You may also like Black Cat Drawing

The wolves are hunted due to their beautiful fur, rare and warm coat, and coat color. They are found in different colors on the basis of the area they reside. They are gray, full white, brown, and black and even a mixture of coat colors exist. They are also hunted for their young ones who have then trained for stunts in circuses or zoo, etc. The wolves don’t have a good bonding with humans due to their hunting and attack relationship.

Why do I Need to Draw a Cool Drawing of the Wolf For Kids?

The wolf is not a pet and neither it is a domestic animal. It is a wild animal but still, it has been a part of many animations and movies watched by kids. Some of the famous animations that have wolfy characters are in the following novels and animations: 

  • the dragon and the George
  • the Jungle book
  • The sight
  •  Alpha and Omega

, and 

  • wolf speaker.

So children may often ask you to help them draw their wolf character in their drawing book. Or they may need to seek your help in drawing wolves while drawing the wild animals in their science book.

What Materials Do I Need to Draw a Cool and Easy Wolf Drawing for Kids?

Here is the short list of materials that one would ned to draw an awesome drawing of a wolf in his drawing book. These include:

  • A clean sheet of drawing paper or the scrape book
  • A pencil color box
  • A pencil with a sharp tip
  • Different shades of lead pencil for sketch
  • A sharpener
  • An eraser
  • A cotton bud or tissue paper
  •  Watercolors and pallet
  • A clipboard

Put the drawing paper on the drawing board or the clipboard, then be ready to start the wonderful drawing procedure.

How Can I Draw a Beautiful Wolf Drawing of wolf in Easy Steps?

You can easily draw a cool and beautiful drawing of a wolf by following the step-by-step instructions listed below in six steps.

Step 1:

In the very first step, draw the head and the muzzle router boundary. The ears should be inverted v-shaped figures extending upwards. Draw  little more part of the upper and lower neckline with few hairs in the lower line.

wolf drawing easy

Step 2: 

Now shape out the whole body of the wolf by extending the upper neckline to the back and then lowering it to form a tail. Extend the lower neckline to make the first leg with a paw and then copy it for the other three as well. Try to make the legs of equal length and width. The legs should not be very wide or narrow because this may deform the look of the wolf.

wolf drawing Cartoon

Step 3:

Carefully observing the picture of step 3, make another inner extension in the body of the wolf. It is starting from the midline of the muzzle, making a deep U and then following the pattern shown with alternative forward and inward movements of a pencil. Also, make an oval on the ear to show the ear space.

wolf drawing anime

Step 4:

This step is to make the eyes and hairy projections on the skin. Draw the oval line on muzzle to mention the nose, then extend the jaw inward to make a 3D look.  Also, make a few patterns on paws to mention nails and fur

wolf drawing cute

Step 5:

Pick up a brown or orange shade of pencil color and start filling it inside the wolf as shown in the figure. Don’t mess up the white and brown areas.

wolf drawing for kids

Step 6:

Last but not the least, draw the outline for the eye with a dark pencil or black color and fill the nose. Also, highlight the fur line on the back of the wolf.

wolf drawing in pencil

The Wolf Drawing is Ready to be Viewed.

What are the additional tips to make y wolf drawing look unique and cool?

Try out the following tips to make you’re drawing a perfect drawing:

  • Never fold the drawing pages while drawing or after drawing, because it makes the drawing get a rough look.
  • Keep a piece of butter paper between your drawing in all of your drawing pages to save them imprinting from one another.
  • After you complete the drawing, take a cotton bud or a piece of soft cloth or tissue paper and blend the color smoothly by rubbing it all over the colored area.
  • Use separate cotton buds/tissue papers for separate colors.
  • If you are using paints then keep the drawing in a dry place to get it dried up for at least one hour.

How can I Draw a Cool Sketch of a Wolf in My Sketchbook?

wolf drawing realistic

Follow the drawing steps exactly from step 1 to step 4, then, don’t pick colors to fill it. Now you need at least three shades of different tip lead pencils. These shades will beautify the wolf sketch even more beautifully.


The wolf drawing is, indeed, a wonderfully amazing experience with the “cool drawings ideas”. Make out the beautiful wolves collection by varying the colors and sizes of the wolves. You can learn the drawing to teach this to our art class students or you may learn it to draw one for your own kid.  Get more and more practice to have a hundred percent perfection in your cute wolf drawing. Share with friends and cousins if you liked the idea and follow our page to have more updates on a daily basis.

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