How To Draw Best Window Drawing in Easy 6 Steps

Window Drawing is one of popular drawing especially in the kids. Windows are a particular part of all homes, restaurants, and buildings since they have multiple functions. They are designed specially by architects while they make a sketch of the building. A building without windows is just like a prison where no air, light, or wind can pass. The windows give an impression of vastness and broadness. The windows are the major source of ventilation and they keep the atmosphere fresh just like the air filter. Whether it is hot or cold, the windows are the need of every house, building, or school. 

Windows are of various types depending upon the structure of the house or institution or building. Different interior and exterior factors of a building determine the type of window to be fixed there. All windows have a frame of metal or wood and the doors with the same material. The panels of the windows are either made of glass or of plastic and they may be fixed permanently or moveable. Most of the windows these days are built with a full sliding glass panel and thus they may serve as a good ventilator for the room or lounge.

In any house, the windows may be inserted in the front walls, lounge walls, bedroom walls, bathroom walls, or kitchen backyards.  They are installed anywhere you require fresh air or any passage. Most people put curtains on the windows that decorate the place and additionally keep harmony in the color combination of the room. In order to make the room look more adorable, the windows must be an important component.

Why Does Anyone Need to Learn Window Drawing and Sketching?

A good sketch maker must learn to make all types of sketches whether the specimen is a building, person, fruit, vegetable, or any household item. Similarly, while you learn to make the drawing and sketching of buildings, and interiors of rooms and houses, you will definitely need to draw a beautiful window with a curtain. While painting or sketching a scene of an animation, the kids may wish to draw a beautiful drawing of a window. Moreover, art teachers can need to teach window drawing to their young pupils.

What is An Easy Step-by-step process to draw a window drawing?

The cool drawings ideas give a suggestion to draw a window drawing in the stepwise process given below. Both the kids as well as the elders can have the best guidance in simple steps to draw a window drawing and sketch with pictures.

Let’s have a start to cool drawing by collecting some basic material:

  • Search for a clean paper sheet from your drawing book and clip it on a hardboard.
  • Get your pencil color box ready.
  • Get the basic accessories like pencil, marker, sharpener, eraser 
  • Bring your poster colors if you want to make a painting
  • Clean the paint brushes by soaking them in a clean water bowl for a while.
  • Different shades of lead pencils if you want to make a sketch.

Now, let us move toward our steps to make a perfect drawing of a bedroom colorful window:

Step 1:

Start by drawing the basic outline of the curtains and the outer rectangular shape of the window. Expand as much as you want the size of the window. 

Also, keep the upper boundary waving as depicted in the figure.

window drawing art

Step 2:

Now insert horizontally the two ends of the iron rod of the curtain.

Then, start drawing the panels of the window by drawing an intersection of perpendicular lines. 

window drawing ideas

Step 3:

Insert the upper curtain patch now. Draw two horizontal lines near the ends of the iron rod, and then from both right ends, give horizontal curves to meet the other end. Also, put two tie bands on the curtain to show how it is tied up.

window drawing easy

Step 4:

Put a small plant pot with a flower on the left side and then draw random small lines on the curtains to show the volume of the cloth. Now, put the similar shining marks on the glass panel as well by marking it with lines. Remember the strokes must be n one direction otherwise, they will produce a very bad effect on the drawing.

window ki drawing

Step 5:

Time to color the curtains now. Choose a shade of blue and fill it uniformly in the curtains on both sides. Fill the same color in the top lining as shown in the figure. Fill orange shade in the iron rod and the end bulbs on right and left. 

window drawing Cartoon

Step 6:

Now take out the yellow color and fill it smoothly in the tie bands and the upper curtain patch. Fill the same orange shade in the intersection on window panels. At the end color the plant and the pot. Leave the glass transparent.

The window drawing is ready!

window drawing color

How to Draw a Beautiful and Realistic Sketch of a Bedroom Window in the Sketchbook?

A cool and realistic sketch of a window scene can be drawn very easily. Just follow up all the steps from 1-4 one by one. Then, instead of coloring the drawing, shade the drawing with different shades of dark and light lead pencils. The cool ad beautiful window sketch with a plant and a rolled curtain is ready. 


So the easiest and the coolest window drawing with a cute and colorful curtain is there. You can learn it as a teacher, student, or kid if you like it. The main thing is how simple the steps are; even a kid may understand every step very well. Arrange a small drawing setup for your kid and friends and let them know how to draw a beautiful house window on their drawing books. Keep practicing to bring all the perfection you want in your drawing. You may also like the drawing of Shelf

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