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How Do You Draw Easy Tom And Jerry Drawing Step by Step for Kids?

Tom and Jerry have been found as the most popular and most watched animations in all countries in every age. The time-to-time progress of any cartoon series makes it so if the cartoons are very cool and the story is interesting. In every episode of “Tom and Jerry”, They seem to start a new battle against each other to kill each other’s plans in a very funny way.

The “Tom and Jerry”, the comedy-based episodes were first made to present on the screen by two great directors: William Hanna and Joseph Barbara.  The first episode was released in 1940 which is also celebrated as Tom and Jerry’s birthday. This series was so loveable that the transmissions and retransmissions of the same episodes brought no difference in the number of viewers.

Well, the fans of Tom and Jerry could always think of drawing their favorite characters on paper. And we know it is always very difficult to learn without a proper and compatible art teacher. Our website “Cool drawing ideas for kids” gives you a complete guideline on how to trace, draw, sketch or paint the two lovely characters Tom and Jerry on paper. You may also like mickey mouse drawing

 Facts About “Tom and Jerry”:

  • Tom and Jerry never die. However, sometimes they do appear to be dying and going to heaven but the reality is they are back in next.
  • They have won seven Oscar awards now.
  • Tom and Jerry have been a part of an action-animated real movie.
  • Tom and Jerry, were named Jasper and Jinx, respectively, after a big contest of fifty dollars.
  • There has been a total of 115 episodes of Tom and Jerry, as short episodes and long movies.

Materials Required:

  • A clean white drawing sheet of paper.
  •  A sharp black pencil
  •  An eraser
  •  Pencil and marker colures
  •   Glitters

How Do You Draw Tom and Jerry in full-Body Step by Step?

The realistic and cool drawing of Tom and Jerry is in fact the easiest one to draw. Just follow the steps as given and have the incredibly beautiful drawing of your own hands.

Cute Tom and jerry Drawing

Steps to draw the Toms and Jerry’s Face and Full Body:

Follow the following sequence of steps one by one to have an easy craft of cool drawings for kids:

Step 1:

Step 1 is to trace the body of Jerry very carefully. Draw the boundary of face and body, then draw some internal round margins to create a rough basic sketch of the Jerry.

Tom and jerry Drawing with Colour

Step 2:

Draw the facial features quickly like, eyes, nose, and ears with a pencil looking at the picture. Then color it according to the exact color theme given. However, you may color the Jerry after the full drawing is completed.

Simple Tom and jerry Drawing

 Step 3:

The next step of cool drawing ideas in drawing Tom and Jerry is to carefully trace a piece of cheese in Jerry’s hands. Since we know he loves cheese, our drawing is incomplete without his favorite food. Also, the expressions while looking at the cheese are really very cute.

Cute Tom and jerry Drawing

Step 4:

Trace the Tome’s body and face on the left side of the Jerry, very carefully. Keeping the sizes in mind, you have to draw the body more in length than in width and the diameter of both the arms should seem very close to each other.

Easy Tom and jerry Drawing

Step 5:

Trace the facial expressions of Tom and draw all the crucial lines in sequence. Don’t forget to draw the sweet mustaches of the cute boy Tom. then color the Tom with the matching shades of gray, white, and pink as per mentioned.

The easy cool drawing of the lovely characters Tom and Jerry in one frame is ready to be presented. If you like, you may use black glitters in the eyes and yellow over the cheese of Jerry. This will put an extra attraction to your handmade drawing.

How do you draw a Tom and Jerry for kids

How To Sketch the Complete Tom and Jerry?

This can be done very easily. Just follow up the above 1-5 sequence of steps and don’t color or paint the figure. In the end, use a lead pencil to draw shadows of both characters either inclined left or right.


The cool and easy drawing of Tom and Jerry becomes very easy if you will follow up on the whole procedure. Once you try, you can have some mistakes or flaws. But you know, for a perfect drawing, the most important thing is to practice. Try again and again to get a perfect smiling Tom and Jerry drawing at home or school.

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