How to Draw Simple Tiger Drawing Cartoon Step By Step for kids

Tiger drawings are frequently unique. It may be a lot of fun to draw a genuine tiger. A high-resolution tiger drawing has a pleasing impression on beginners. Trying to draw a tiger even though we don’t know much about it, it’s a lot of fun. Drawing a tiger is challenging since the face design requires careful attention. The tiger is often thought to be a symbol of bravery. People of all ages like seeing tigers in zoos. 

Tips for Tiger Drawing:

Because children and adults have diverse interests and their hobbies impact how happy they are. The fact that there should be a clear tiger drawing that is highly appealing to their interest in your main argument.

Facts About Tigers:

  • Unfortunately, poaching and habitat destruction have put populations in jeopardy, and their range has shrunk to about 7% of its previous extent. That is why we must do all possible to protect these magnificent creatures
  • Bengal tigers, South China tigers, Indochinese tigers, Sumatran tigers, and Amur tigers are among these subspecies (Also known as Siberian tigers). Unfortunately, three tiger subspecies have gone extinct: the Caspian, Bali, and Javan.
  • There are never two tigers with the same stripes. Each tiger has its pattern on its fur, making them all one-of-a-kind
  • A tiger’s roar can be heard up to three kilometers away. So, gang, when they want to be heard, you’ll be the first to know.
  • Tigers are excellent swimmers. They, unlike most members of the cat family, like swimming and cooling themselves in pools or streams.
  • Tigers are lonely hunters who go out at night to look for food. They stalk their target quietly until they are close enough to pounce, then bite the neck or back of the head to kill them. They eat deer, wild pigs, antelope, and buffalo, among other large species.

 Tiger Drawing Easy:

Many people believe that drawing a tiger is tough. It may appear difficult at first, but with practice, I believe you will find it to be straightforward and delightful.

Tiger Drawing for Kids:

People of all ages like drawing with their hands in this manner. Children find their cartoon-like paintings funny and engaging. 

Tiger Drawing Simple:

Many people believe that drawing a tiger is tough. This can be drawn in a few simple steps. You may also like lion face drawing

 Tiger Drawing Cartoons:

Many people believe that drawing a tiger is tough. This can be drawn in a few simple steps.

Tiger Drawing Animations:

We can deduct from the tiger painting those animations of this nature are worth millions of dollars.

How to Draw a Tiger in 6 Step ?

You must concentrate on your best drawing interests while drawing a tiger drawing. A tiger can be drawn using a few easy techniques. If you pay attention to this lion face drawing, it will be relatively simple to create a drawing with individual qualities.

Materials for Tiger Drawing

These are the materials you’ll need to


  • Simple Paper (For sketch)
  • Led Pencil, Sharpener, And Eraser
  • Few colors pencil

Step 1:

Where you should begin. Take a pencil with a lead and one that has been sharpened with a pencil sharpener. Any mistakes would require the use of an eraser. Draw the tail of the tiger as shown in the image, remember that the tail is not straight. It is in a curved shape. Then make the inner body of the tiger without shaping the body.

Tiger face Drawing

Step 2:

After completing the first stage, you have to make the face of the tiger in such a way as shown in the image. The face of the tiger should be in such a way as in the image. Two eyes are also drawn. These eyes are circled in shape. There is hair also drawn on the face.

Tiger Drawing cute

Step 3:

After completion of the second step, now you have to shape the tiger. Draw the nose of a tiger as shown in the image. Then draw a W-shaped mouth and circled tongue also. Fill the whole body with orange color. Then face has different colors. White, light pink, and black color are shown in the image.

Tiger Drawing with colour

Step 4:

Now after completion of the third step you have to draw the fingers of the tiger on the lower side of the tiger as shown in the image. The color should be white. The body of the tiger was filled with orange color. Now fill light pink color in the front half body of a tiger. 

Tiger Drawing realistic

Step 5:

After completing the fourth step now you have to fill the purple color on the nose of a tiger. In this step, there is an addition of one thing that is you have to draw finger-like spots on the body of the tiger. 

Tiger Drawing cartoon

Step 6:

Fill in the spots with black hues in this stage. Fill red color for the tongue of the tiger. These are some simple steps to making a tiger drawing.

Tiger Drawing Sektch

 Tiger Sketch Conclusion:

Children can get some tiger drawing ideas from the following post. It will assist you in creating and displaying this type of art with your own hands, wherever you are necessary. Open the fun and vital drawing ideas and make as many tigers as you like if you don’t have access to a drawing tutor. If the first attempt fails, try again to create a more advanced and superior version. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Draw a Tiger Drawing?

The structure of the tiger drawing is distinct. To make a beautiful and entertaining tiger drawing, you must utilize your imagination. It’s a simple and basic illustration. List the characteristics of the tiger

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