How To Draw Easy Shelf Drawing in Simple Step By Step (6 Steps)

The shelves are important and essential parts of every house, room, classroom, library, living room, etc. They are in fact keeping the things arranged whether they are books, clothes, decoration pieces, and other stuff of daily life. Everything seems in sequence when they are placed and arranged on shelves. The shelves give the first impression of arrangement and good management if used correctly in any house or workplace.

Moreover, if there are fewer capable people in the room you are living in or the office you are working in, you must install shelves in your area. This will give a well-furnished look to your place and a small room with a smart setup and beautifully built-up shelves and drawers. The shelves are multi-purpose furniture paraphernalia that is used to store and display things on the flat surfaces they have. Shelves can be used for many intentions and aim like:

  • To arrange and display kitchen items on the kitchen shelves
  • To store clothes in a cabinet
  • To display shoes on shoe shelves or shoe racks
  • To arrange and store groceries in the storeroom
  • To set up books on bookshelves in the library
  • To put sales items on sale in a shopping area
  • To display decorations on walls
  • To put tablewares in dining halls
  • To put toilet accessories in a restroom
  • To arrange luggage for passengers in an airplane, or bus

Where there is barely space for furniture, one may use moveable and foldable shelves. These shelves can be mounted and dismounted whenever there is a need to use them and not respectively. Shelves come in various designs and dimensions and anyone can have his customized shelves in houses. They vary in the material used in constructing them and the capacity they possess. Length, width, and sustainability are the other factors that produce a distinction in the shelves’ designs. 

Why is Shelf Drawing important to learn?

While drawing locations, houses, and specific interiors of buildings you will always need to draw drawers, furniture, and of course the shelves. The shelf drawing, therefore, means a lot in learning drawings and sketchings. Make your kids and students learn the shelf drawing as well. Also, the 3D shelf drawing is more precisely the most required basic shape in an art class. 

How to Learn an Easy and Simple 3D Shelf Drawing?

There could be lots of shelf drawings available on the internet and lots of different methods to draw them. However, the easiest and the simplest method for kids and adults is available here. One may learn to draw a simple 3D shelf drawing at home or school in simple and easy steps given one by one. Not only this, the steps are well explained according to the requirement of the learner to make it easy upto the maximum ease of the learner.

What Are the Essentials Needed to Draw a Simple Shelf Drawing or Shelf Sketch?

Here is the basic material we need to start an easy bookshelf or store shelf drawing in a few steps:

  • A neat and clean paper
  • A color pencil box
  • A set of pencils with different hexes
  • Few tissue papers or cotton buds
  • A butter paper sheet 
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener
  • And a sharp tip pencil 

How to Draw an Easy Shelf Drawing in a Stepwise Process?

All steps of shelf drawing

There are a total of six steps that are explained with pictorial hints for each. Remember the blue lines in sketching mention new steps and the black one shows the previous procedures.

 Let’s start drawing a beautiful sketch and drawing of a shelf.

Step 1:

First of all, make a flat surface with a 3D look on two edges. Put three nuts over the flat surface, at each end. The nuts should be placed in equal inter-distance spaces. 

shelf drawing easy

Step 2:

 Then, copy the first flat surface by giving a vertical space of 4 cm between them. Draw the nuts in the same procedure. Then, draw four vertical bars of iron between them which show the connection and support between them. Leave the middle nut as it is on both sides, and draw bars on two nuts that are at the edges on both sides. 

How To Draw A Shelf Step by Step

Step 3:

In this step, you have to copy the entire process of drawing two flat surfaces. But the flat surfaces should be drawn with the space and distance of 4 cm for each section. Draw the supporting bars between them. 

The supporting bars are such that they show three rods in full vision while the last one is half hidden due to inclination. 

How do you draw a simple shelf

Step 4:

At last draw the wooden feet of the shelf at the end of the last flat surface. Three feet should be visible but one should be entirely hidden behind the flat 3 structure.

Book Shelf drawing

Step 5:

The favorite step of all drawing makers is here. Pick up your color box and paint or color the drawing with pencils or markers. Select the color of your choice and apply it on the 

Sketch you just made me. Fill a dark color like black in the supporting vertical bars of the shelf. 

Easy Shelf drawing

Step 6:

Color the rest of the flat surfaces and at the end, color the wooden feet in black. The cool shelf drawing is ready.

elf on the shelf drawing easy

How Can The Sketch of a Simple Shelf Be Made in 3D Pattern?

You have to follow all the above processes from 1 to 4 in the making of the easy sketch drawing. Then don’t color it, rather use another method that is using sketch pencils only.


Make your drawing time even better by trying a new drawing called the shelf drawing.  With the information given above you can also see and match pictures at any point. Share if you like the drawing and teach it to your kids or students. Plus put a butter paper sheet in science and use tissue paper to homogenize the color scheme. The easy, fast and stepwise process is ready to be taken in.  visit us to get new updates.

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