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How to Draw Easy Rabbit Cartoon Drawing with Color Step By Step For Kids

Rabbits are a member of the Lagomorpha family, including hares and pikas. There are over 50 species, but the most popular is the European Rabbit. Several European species, as well as those from North Africa and Asia, belong to this genus.

The Coney is a very well-known creature in human culture. In addition to being popular cartoon characters, they were also considered sacred in Ancient Rome and were used to symbolize modesty and innocence in art.

Many parts of the world are home to rabbits, small mammals. They are known for their long ears, short tail, and fluffy fur. Rabbits have a soft undercoat that is covered by long guard hairs. These guard hairs give rabbits an overall appearance of being fuzzy all over.

Plants, such as roots, leaves, and grasses, are what rabbits eat. They also eat bark and twigs to help keep their teeth healthy. Rabbits are prey animals, so they need to be constantly on the lookout for predators like hawks or owls that might want them for dinner. You may also like Dove and Face Drawing

Most Coney species live in groups called colonies. These colonies typically consist of 6-12 rabbits that all stick close together to protect from predators like foxes or coyotes. Coney spend most of their time underground, where it’s safer than out in the open, where they might get caught by a predator easily.

Did you ever want to draw a rabbit but not know where to start? Whether you’re drawing for fun or like to learn how to do it professionally, we’ve covered you. Draw a rabbit with ease if you follow this guide step-by-step.

The purpose of this article is to draw a bunny from the side. It is one of the easier angles to start at because it doesn’t require as much perspective work. It also allows us to focus more on the shape of our bunny and how he looks from all angles. A rabbit can be drawn in many different ways. If you want to draw something from a photo, you can use that as a reference.

If you are going to use a photo, it is best to take your own. Coney tend not to stay still for very long and move around if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. It cannot be easy to draw them accurately if they constantly squirm or hop away from you.

If you want to use a photo, try taking some yourself first before looking online. You can also try drawing a pet rabbit, as they tend to be more comfortable with people and won’t have as much of an issue with staying still while being photographed.

Tips for Rabbit Drawing easy

Some tips for Coney drawing outline:

  • Gather some reference material. This can be photos, drawings, or even real rabbits.
  • Draw the Coney first with pencil and paper before using paint or marker
  • Draw the basic outline of your rabbit’s body and head. Then come back later with more details like eyes and ears once you’ve done some sketching in other areas of your drawing
  • Try not to worry about making mistakes because they can permanently be erased. Just keep going until you feel satisfied with how everything looks together on the page
  • Remember that practice makes perfect. So don’t give up if it doesn’t work out right away and keep trying again over time until things start looking better each time

Art supplies

Here are the supplies you’ll need to draw a simple rabbit drawing:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencil

How to Draw Rabbit Drawing Cartoon

rabbit drawing

With this guide, drawing a rabbit is easy, even for beginners. You’ll start by drawing the head, then the body, and finally, you’ll add some finishing touches to make your Coney look perfect. When drawing a Coney, it is essential to remember that it is an elongated shape and curves.

The whole body gradually arcs along a curve, with the head being more round and the hind legs being thinner, more extended, and angled. Let’s start by looking at the basic shape that will be used throughout the entire body of the rabbit. Using light pencil strokes, draw a large oval shape that curves slightly at the top. This will be the main shape of your rabbit’s head.

Step 1

Draw a circle; this will form the rabbit’s head. We’ll draw two large ears, one on each side of the circle. Make sure that they are almost as long as the head itself.

rabbit drawing easy

Now, you can draw a line down the middle of each ear to give them a definition.

rabbit drawing for kids

Step 3 :

rabbit drawing realistic

4- We’re going to draw two large circles to form the body of our bunny friend. The circle on top should be slightly smaller than the one underneath it.

rabbit drawing cute

Step 5-

A curved line should connect both circles at the bottom and a straight line at the top where we drew the head. Draw a curved line under each circle to complete your rabbit’s body. All rabbits have huge eyes, so let’s give our bunny some peepers! Draw two big circles for eyes on either side of your bunny’s face. The left eye will be closed, so draw another curved shape over it to complete the closed eyelid.

rabbit drawing cartoon

Step 6:

Under each eye, add another circular shape; these will be its nose and cheeks. There should be a slight difference in size between the nose and cheeks. Let’s give our bunny some whiskers. Add two lines coming out of two nostrils. for further visit YouTube channel

rabbit drawing with color
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