How to Draw Cute Puppy Easy Drawing for Kids Step by Step  

Puppy and Dogs are the loveliest creatures on the Earth that are found almost in every corner of the world. As compared to dogs, puppies are more adorable, more playful, and even more attractive. They reflect the full beauty a pet could have and absorb all the negative energy. Having puppies at home is never going to feel you lonely or sad. They engage you in physical exercises and activities by gaining your attention. Also, to watch them getting little by little growth is really awesome.

Just like dogs are more mature than other pets, puppies are more mature than other baby pets like kittens, squirrels, and turtles. They are even more genius and learn very quickly. A puppy learns far quickly to pick and fetch the newspaper and to use the litter box. Being mature doesn’t mean they are less playful or naughty. Yes, they are not. They love to play with balls, bones, or toys and wag their tails when their favorite task is being done.

A puppy waits for you the whole day if you are at work. The scene of meeting the owner after the working hours is very aesthetic. It can feel, it can understand your mood and console you whenever you need it. According to modern research, the puppies reduce the tension and hence increase their healthy life span. 

Facts About Puppies:

  • Each puppy is born without hard bones, teeth, and nails. They are also blind and deaf.
  • Puppies are just like human babies, it’s a fact that the puppies also have two sets of teeth in their life. The first set called baby teeth is shed at the age of about four months. After it, they get a permanent and final set of teeth that have to last throughout their lives.
  • Puppies when younger may have a different fur color as compared to when they are fully grown up.
  • Unlike goats and other mammals, the puppies are not adults at the age of 1 year rather they are 
  • Adult at 2 or even more.
  • Some puppies when born may appear green in color.

How can I Draw a Cute and Easy Drawing of a Puppy for Kids?

The cool drawing ideas are always here to make you learn new and unique drawings. As we all know the kids often need to draw puppies in their homework, drawing, or creative painting. So, we are going to guide you completely on how to draw an adorable puppy step by step.

How can I Draw a Cute and Realistic Drawing of a Puppy Step by Step?

After reading out the full procedure to draw a dog in step-by-step process, you will find it super easy to draw it for kids. The easy drawing becomes even easier if it is explained pictorially in steps and guidelines for each step.

Materials Required:

So, to make a puppy in your drawing book you will need the following materials:

  • A pencil with a sharp tip
  • an eraser
  • A set of pencil colors  
  • Poster colors
  • A color pallet
  • Giggly eyes

Step by Step Procedure to Draw a Cute Puppy:

The following detailed guidance on drawing a cute puppy is given below:

Step 1:

Draw the outline of the puppy’s body carefully. Do keep in mind to draw all the four legs, and two big ears but don’t draw the tail yet. 

Puppy Drawing For kids

Step 2:

Make two big circles as eyes and put two linear eyebrows over them. Now draw a triangular nose and a little D-shaped moon inside it horizontally. Also draw two more very small circles inside each eye, one as an eyeball and the other as a sign of sparkling eyes. Draw a vertically raised tail by joining two lines from the end of the trunk of the dog.

Puppy Drawing cute

Step 3:

 Draw the puppy’s jawline and the skin over and below the nose. Also, draw a cute collar with a tiny bell around the neckline. 

Draw a little heart near the ending trunk. Lastly, draw the feet lines on all the four paws randomly to show different colors there.

how to draw puppy face

Step 4:

It’s time to color the cute pup. Take the pencil box out and start shading the puppy’s body very first. 

Puppy Drawing realistic

Step 5:

After coloring the body, color the lower paws, so that the puppy could look even better. Also, color the little heart with the same lighter shade.

cute Puppy Drawing

Step 6:

Color the background of eyes black. And leave the circles white. It will produce an impression of bigger eyes and more attractive beauty. The puppy drawing is ready to be viewed now finalize and enjoy. 

How to draw a Puppy Video

How can I Draw a Sketch of a cute Puppy in my Sketchbook?

  1.  To draw a front sketch of the puppy, first, take out the sketching pencils and put the coloring box back. 
  2. Follow the same sequence of steps but don’t color at any.
  3. Once you have done, pick the pencil with a lighter shade and then fill the body.
  4.  To fill the eyes, you need a darker shade of pencil. Use it and make the eyes get natural black beauty.


A cool, easy, realistic, and step-by-step drawing of a Puppy. hope this will help you a lot in learning and teaching others.  Practice if you want a challenging perfection in your drawn puppy. You may also like cat and dog drawing

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I Draw a Family of Dogs and Puppies?

It is very easy, in fact. Use the same basic theme told in steps 1-6 and repeat for the rest of the dogs and puppies. However, to make the dogs differentiated, you may change their size, eye size, eye color, body-color, shape, and the color you fill in each.

How can I give a Unique Look to my Puppy Unique?

You can use the spark or stardust in eyes of the puppy you are drawing. This will give a more attractive and sparkling eye. Also, you may use paper bows on the collar to give it a nicer look. 

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