How To Draw Nurse Cartoon Drawing Step By Step For Beginners

hat do you see as the most active employee in the hospital whenever you visit your doctor? This is the nurse, hustling here and there, smiling and greeting her patients, no matter how much she is tired. The nurses are obviously the right hand of the doctors. The doctor prescribes the medicines and the nurse implements them with the correct dosage. The nurses of course keep the cycle of hospital management running throughout the day. The huge staff of nurses with a head nurse manages the patients, their medicines, and the activities written by the doctor.

It is the duty of a nurse to take care of her patients just like a mother takes care of her children. The nurse notes the blood pressure, heartbeat rate, breathing rate, and the patient’s physical appearance at specific intervals all through the day. Most of them have to make up a diet chart for their patients as well, according to the dietitian’s prescription. The nurses put the patient for IV therapy treatment and also inject them whenever the time is. They take the patients for their tests and take care of all of their needs. Full time nurses have to keep an eye over the sleep-wake schedule and they also make their patients recover fast by talking to them.

Nurses wear white dresses like those of nuns and wear head caps that keep their hair tied. To make a difference among the senior and junior nurses, the nurses wear caps of different styles. Nurses wear different caps according to their designation in the nursing staff. The nurses also have a cross sign on their caps called the “red cross” which shows their association with the international red cross association. You May Also like Girl With Dress Drawings

Interesting Facts About Nurses:

  • The nurses had the white dress due to a specific reason. During world wars, the nuns used to take care of patients as their nurses wearing all white and a headscarf. So the nurses officially wear a white dress with a head covering cap.
  •  Though the nurses are present in all hospitals according to their needs there is international research revealing a fact. It says the number of qualified and trained nurses. Only 8.31 nurses are available per 1000 patients. 
  • The first nursing school for males only was opened in India.
  • Nurses may be DOCTORS by studying a post-training five-year P.hD program.
  • Miss Linda Richards initiated female nursing by being the very first nurse in US. she was highly appreciated and at the time she got retired she had gained the level of a colonel.

Why is there a need to Draw a Cool Drawing of a Beautiful Nurse for Children?

Learning how to draw a cool nurse drawing is really important for art teachers, kids, and parents. The teachers may teach this to their students and the parents to their kids. The kids may learn to draw on their notebooks, projects, fun activity-based drawings, or the school assignment drawings. So here we will show the whole procedure.

How Can I Draw a Cool and Beautiful Drawing of a Nurse for Kids?

Nurse Drawing

You may draw a drawing of a cool and beautiful nurse by taking the step-by-step guidance from the process we will show. Match the picture and the drawing at each step and continue until you are done. 

Which Stationary Items Do I Need to Draw a Beautiful Drawing of a Nurse at Home and School?

There is the list of a few things you will need to draw the nurse drawing on our drawing cool either at school or at home:

  • A paper sheet or drawing book 
  • A sharp pencil
  • A sharpener
  • An eraser
  • The color box
  • The pencil box
  • A cotton bud or soft cloth

How Can I Draw a Cool Nurse Drawing on My Drawing Book in a Simple and Stepwise Process?

The nurse drawing will take a total of six easy steps:

Step 1:

Step one starts your drawing by making the head region first. Mark a circular area with the corner of hair at each end.

animated nurse drawing

Step 2:

Erase the upper one to two inches portion of the closed head boundary and draw a rectangular cap over this. One vertical side of the head cap should be round or soap-like. The other side should have a straight line. Make the upper and bulging upward and lower end rise upwards like a slight dome. Then draw a hollow cross in the middle of the + sign, double-lined.

nurse drawing for kids

Step 3:

Step 3 involves the drawing of only the facial features. Make an outer face boundary as shown below. It will have the following sub steps:

  • Starting from lips, since they are the easiest ones. Draw a horizontal slightly curved line in place of lips. Then make the upper and lower lip lining carefully. Draw the upper lip with one depression in middle and draw the lower lip quite smoothly straightened.
  • Now draw an inverted seven-like line in the vertical plane. this will show the nose.
  • On the left and right of the nose, draw two big beautiful eyes with sparkles and eyeballs in them. 
  • Now draw two double eyebrow lines over each eye at last.
nurse pencil drawing

Step  4:

It’s a step to draw the rest of the body. Follow up the drawing pattern as shown in blue lines to make the remaining body shape. Leave one of the hands in the air and bend the other like a closed fist. Also, pick up skin color to fill the face at this step.

cute nurse drawing

Step 5:

Fill hair in dark brown, lips in red, and eyes in black. Now take up a look at both hands. Make a patient file or the nurse clipboard in the left hand and a thermometer in the right hand. 

simple nurse drawing

Step 6:

The last step colors the arms, clipboard, and the thermometer of the nurse according to the picture given. At the end, color the legs with the same skin color and then, color the shoes. You may use any color in shoes but here we used blue. A cute, cool, and beautiful nurse drawing is ready. 

Images of Nurse Drawings


 Nurse drawing may seem very tough before you read this article. Follow up to have a cute nurse drawing on your scrapbook or drawing book. Practice more and more to gain more perfection. After you do it, make the colors filled very properly and use the perfect skin tone color. Share with friends and siblings, if you are impressed by this 6-step easy, and cute nurse drawing. Also, check out our cool drawing ideas to have a full fun time painting, sketching and drawing on a daily basis.

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