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How To Draw Easy Money Drawing Step By Step For Kids


Realistic Money Drawing is very popular drawing especially in the kids. Monkey is the prerequisite part of our lives and none can imagine a life without money. Since man’s life is dependent on services, goods, and facilities, he always needs money to deal with them. The money or the currency plays a part in equal communication between the producers and the users and hence varies with respect to the land where it is used. Just like the languages, the currency is also an identity of the place where it is to be used. 

Before talking about the money types and manufacture, let’s discuss its origin. We are probably five thousand years ahead of the era before money came into existence. Before that, a motley system of exchanging goods and services with respective and equivalent goods and services was used. It is called the “Barter System” and it stayed with mankind for more than centuries before money was invented. The Barter system though was not a stainless system of adjudication but still thanks to it since it opened a door of sense in humans to make business deals. 

The first form of money arose in Lydia where an arbitrary coin system came into existence with a great welcome. It was used to pay the military and gave way to unending developments of mints and coins in gold, silver, or copper metals. Later alloys of unique mixtures of metals were used to draw coins to distinguish them from fake money. Afterward, the Chinese nation fabricated Paper Money; since the paper itself originated from China. The paper money that thus came into use has been evaluated since then and is still in use. The coins and the paper money both make up the currencies of different nations, countries, and areas worldwide. 

Interesting Facts About Money:

Here are some jaw-dropping facts about the money you are thinking to make a drawing of:

  1. Sometimes a mint has to spend more to create a money coin or note than it actually costs. For example, to make a coin worth one penny it may cost the mint upto 1.7 cents.
  2. The paper money used in various countries is not actually “paper”. For example, in the USA the paper money comes with the composition of fabrics like cotton and linen in a ratio of 3:1.
  3. The largest worth note printed till now was from the USA in 1934-35 valued at $100000 and called a Gold Certificate. It was not common though and was in the use of bank transactions only. 
  4. The coins have grooves or engraved lines on the sides and they have actually a fixed purpose and have a certain number for every coin. They prevent the people from selling precious coin metals by scraping the grooves off. 
  5. Before a coin goes to be recycled again it has lived a life of 30 years in the hands of people. 
  6. All notes in the US weigh the same weight which is one gram only when it is fresh and stainless. 

How to Draw Money for Kids in Simple and Easy Steps?

Well, nothing to dwell on this issue since the cool drawings is here. You can see what the easy and simple drawing ideas this page explores for you. So let’s just check the procedure given in this topic and follow it step by step with appropriate picture demonstrations. Keep the focus and make beautiful and realistic money drawing for kids at home or school. 

Money drawing

How to Get Easy Cartoon Money Drawing Ideas for Kids?

In this modern era when mentoring for any subject is available on the internet you won’t have to search much about money drawing ideas. Type the keyword on your browser you have and there opens up the list of all the amazing money drawing and sketching ideas you can see. Here, you can learn the easy stepwise money drawing with superb ideas of drawing and coloring with the distinction that you may apply it on digital apps like Illustrator and try it by hand as well.

How to Draw and Sketch a Dollar Drawing via Illustrator in the Stepwise Process?

Using the illustrator one may find himself in a mosaic situation to draw the conceptual items with a hundred percent perfection at the moment. To help this situation, you can follow our stepwise money drawing which is cool and easy at the same time. Save your precious hours and spend a little money drawing using the images given with each step. The new drawing lines are venerable from the old ones with respect to color. Have a good understanding and start the digital easy drawing of the money on your device. 

What is an Easy and Simple Stepwise Procedure to Draw Money Drawing for Kids?

Here we are going to guide everyone reading out, to draw the essential money drawing on a drawing book by hand or illustrator. All you need is to collect your pencils, colored pencils, eraser, and a sharpener to have a quick start. You may stimulate money drawing by using paints,  water paints, oil paints, or poster paints to make the drawing more realistically good. 

So let’s read out the five steps and follow them accordingly. 

Step 1:

The very first step of money or Dollar drawing starts by putting a basic outline foundation on the paper. Look at the two overlying sketches; the vertical lines are straight and the horizontal is curved.  First of all draw two vertical, equal-sized lines starting and ending at the same level of the paper. Space them twice their length. After that, you need to draw curved corners on the points you have on two lines. You need to extend the corners out on the top left side and bottom left side to give a wavy look to the paper note. Raise the upper horizontal line with a single curve and then bend it down with a second curve. Repeat the procedure for the lower horizontal margin of the dollar or money. 

Now make another note that is underlying below this as shown in the figure. Make sure you draw the second Money note, with a little left and top slide. Repeat the process and erase the extra lines that have to lay below the first note. 

How to Draw Money  A Step by Step Guide

Step 2:

The first step was about drawing the outlines only and so we successfully drew them. The second step is to make some interior patterns on the currency note we are drawing. 

  • For this, you need to draw the margin of the two notes with cornered rectangles, leaving uniform space on all four sides. 
  • Then draw the two crescent-like semi-circles around the virtual mid area of the rectangular space. Make three walls around these crescent curves on both sides such that you make the quarter circular curves on the corners. 
  • At last, draw two circles in the middle of the two shapes you just drew and the second step ends here auspiciously!  
money drawing easy

Step 3:

After you draw the margins and patterns on the two rectangular notes, you have to draw the Dollar symbol on both. So let’s get started on it. Draw a double-lined S shape and then put a double-lined straight vertical line over the S, you drew previously. Now take the eraser and erase the extensions that extend into the vertical line. 

Now trend the lower lying note; draw the little appearing pattern parts by repeating step 2 and draw a little face of the dollar symbol ($).

how to make money drawing


Step 4:

Drawing of Dollar or Money is completed and now you have to color it. Remember, you need three shades of green: dirty green, parrot green, and sea green, and start filling the money. First of all, fill the margins with the lightest green shade. Now fill the interior of the money leaving the symbols empty and pick a parrot green color. 

How To Draw Cartoon Money Using A Free Lesson

Step 5:

So you have till now, filling all parts of the money except the pattern and symbol. Take the darkest shades of green and fill in the patterns. Leave the tiny circles as white spaces. 

How to Draw Cartoon Money - Really Easy Drawing Tutorial


The “cool drawings brings up to you a superb treasure of ”the easiest, coolest, and finest drawing ideas. You may have drawing issues, learning or teaching issues when you are to try a new specimen of drawing. Get a short visit to our page and have the detailed and stepwise procedures to draw whatever you want either by hand or the Illustrator.  After you read out till the end, we strongly hope you would have drawn super cute and cool money drawing or sketching in your own drawing book. Share with friends and family if you like our simple mentoring. You may also like wolf drawing

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