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How to Draw Mickey Mouse Drawing Step by Step for Beginner

 Mickey mouse drawing is so an interesting animated character that it is a favorite for kids and adults. They love mickey mouse very much. He is a very much cute and well-known cartoon all over the world. Mickey Mouse Cartoon was a famous classical cartoon character having big ears. His look was so expressive that his drawing was an excellent choice for kids. 

His look was most funny having a redshirt and shoes with bright yellow color. He was a very generous and friendly cartoon character. A sketchbook with a Mickey Mouse drawing is magical. Mickey mouse and his friends were very interesting and loveable to everyone. It was a dream of everyone to go to Disneyland and meet all these characters. But everybody can stay happy by drawing mickey mouse.

Facts About Mickey Mouse Drawing:

Mickey Mouse Drawings are Easy:

People find it simple and pleasant to sketch Mickey Mouse. It is not as challenging as many people believe. 

 Lovely Mickey Mouse Drawings:

Mickey Mouse is a very lovely character for kids and people of every age. His ears make his beauty attractive.

 Mickey Mouse Drawings Simple:

The sketch of Mickey Mouse is not so much difficult as people think. You can draw Mickey Mouse in simple steps.

 Mickey Mouse Drawing ideas:

The idea to make a Mickey Mouse can come from watching animated cartoons of Mickey Mouse.

Animations of Mickey Mouse:

 The animation of mickey mouse is so much funny and cute. Producers of Mickey Mouse animations earned a lot.

Supplies For Drawing

These are the supplies you have to use for drawing. 

  • Simple Paper (For sketch)
  • Pencil, Sharpener, And Eraser
  • Some Color Pencils Also.
  • Eraser with a rectangular shape

How to Draw Mickey Mouse In 5 Steps ?

Drawing of micky mouse

 To draw a Mickey Mouse, you have to focus on the animated character of mickey mouse. To draw a Mickey Mouse, follow these simple steps. If you give attention to this drawing then it will be very easy to make a fancy mickey mouse.

Step 1:

First and foremost, you have a vivid mental image of the Mickey Mouse cartoon. Always remember a starting point because a basic step helps for clear drawing. Begin by drawing a circle, which is the face of Mickey Mouse. Draw this circle to the size you want Mickey Mouse’s face to be. If your drawing for a circle is not good then use any object which is round as a base. Then draw two ears on the face of mickey mouse as shown in the picture. Draw two arms and legs with the help of a pencil as shown in the picture.

mickey mouse drawing for kids

Step 2:

 After drawing the first step, now draw two oval-shaped large eyes of Mickey Mouse. Now draw the mouth and nose of mickey mouse. Now fill the whole body with black color except the face. Skin color is the color of the face. White and black colored eyes. Mouth with white color and nose with black color.

cute mickey mouse drawing

Step 3:

After filling the whole body with black color now draw a black-colored tail of mickey mouse. Then make white-colored hands and feet. While drawing legs you have to keep in mind that legs should not be so long. Mickey Mouse has a short lower body and a large face with bog ears. Draw a red-colored nicker of the mouse also. There should be two circles on the nicker.

mickey mouse drawing with Pencil

Step 4:

Now you have to fill the shoes with yellow color. Mickey mouse with a perfect figure is prepared.

Minnie mouse drawing

Step 5:

After completing the fourth step now in the last step is to fill the tongue of a mouse with red color.

Mickey Mouse Sketch:

You can see how beautifully a Mickey Mouse is put on the paper. All the five steps were very simple for the person who want to draw a Mickey Mouse. You may also like Cartoon Drawing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to Draw Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse has a round face to draw have two big ears and eyes. Then you have to Draw an oval-shaped nose and a wide-opened mouth.

What are the characteristics of Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse is a friendly and fancy cartoon sketch. He is brave, humble and adventurous.

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