How To Draw Iron Man Drawing Step By Step For Kids

Iron man is one of the main heroes of the comic series Iron Man and was published in TV series during session 1994-96. The hero was basically a new version of all the comic heroes with the same typical good nature vs the evil forces to fight with. The series was well known during that time and was one of the most loved ones to watch by all kids and elders. This comic character was later displayed again with a lot of other characters as well. These characters included: war machine, scarlet witch, hawkeye, Fing Fang Foom, MODOK whirlwind, etc. these characters all together made the series extra fictional and tentative. 

The IronMan was reborn on another TV screen with the arrival of the animated American series Iron Man. The live-action play movie was released in 2008. During the last season of 1996, Iron Man was crossed over with other famous superheroes like Hulk and Spiderman. The crossing over of heroes always gives a fresh taste to an old version so does the same. In short, Iron Man has its own big and unique significance in comic series as well as in the electronic and print media.

What is the Need to Draw an Iron Man Body with Color for Teachers and Parents?

All the kids love the superheroes and the fictional characters as depicted in their comic series and TV animations. They want to become like them and gain the superpowers their favorite hero possesses. Although the drawings of superheroes are relatively tougher the kids always want the one to draw such drawings.  The art teachers find them in a whirl while standing with kids who wish for all the superheroes’ drawings in their drawing book. The teachers and the parents should, therefore, always search for ideas to make such situations easier for them. 

What is the Need to Draw an Iron Man drawing With Color and Pencil for Kids?

The kids, for the first reason, can learn the easy and step-by-step Iron Man drawing so that they may draw it in their own drawing books. Secondly, they may need this drawing to complete their project of drawing their favorite movie hero. Also, they may wish to make an Iron Man portrait in their room. 

How Can Kids and the Elders Learn the Easy Iron Man Sketch and Color Drawing in Simple Steps?

The kids and the elders, if they wish to learn an easy IronMan drawing on their device, must seek this page. They can learn the drawing in a few easy steps with pictorial details at each step. The drawing is super cool and easy so that none of the learners is tired or bored. The drawing and sketching of Iron Man are described in the next words. Scroll till the end and have the full information.

iron man

What Are the Materials Required for Easy Stepwise Iron Man Drawing at Home and School?

The materials required to make a cool drawing of Iron Man are :

  • A clean sheet of paper or drawing book
  • A set of colored pencils
  • A set of pencils
  • An eraser 
  • A sharp tip pencil
  • A sharpener
  • A clipboard or hardboard
  • A serene place to sit

What are the easy steps to draw and Iron Man Drawing For kids?

Here, we list the simple steps needed to draw an easy Iron Man:

Step 1

Draw the outline of the full body of Iron Man starting from the head and ending at the same point.  Make slight bumps on the shoulders and carefully match the images of the left and right sides of Iron Man. 

ironman drawing easy

Step 2

Now draw the helmet, chest cover, foot cover, and gauntlets. The gauntlets are actually metallic gloves for hands. 

  • The helmet is the head covering and this also needs to draw an iron mask on the face associated with the skull mask. 
  • Draw these four essentials in a perfect sequence starting from the head and ending at the toes.
  • Make two hollow sockets on the facemask.
  • Make two oval holes on both arms, and one round circle on the chest.
  • At last draw two curved lines on the thighs and one on the waist to mention the shorts he is wearing.
ironman drawing full body

Step 3:

At this step, make the neck of the metallic dress of Iron Man. Then the facemask needs a few more improvements.

Make the circle on the chest double bounded and cut it vertically into two halves with one straight line in the center.

Third, emphasize the shoulder bumps and covers using a few lines drawing exactly the same on both arms.

ironman drawing realistic

Step 4:

In this step focus on the shoes and make up the missing parts.

Then, improve the gauntlets so that they may match with those in the picture.

At last mention the muscles of Iron Man on the belly with help of a few more lines.

ironman drawing with colour

Step 5:

Here comes the time to color Iron Man drawn successfully. Pick up the red color and color all the parts shown in the picture.

ironman drawing cartoon

Step 6:

Step 6 shows the coloring with yellow and blue colors. Color all the holes with blue color and the muscles on the belly, thighs, and arms yellow.

ironman drawing easy

How Can We Draw a Cool and Realistic Sketch of Iron Man for Kids?

Step 6 shows the coloring with yellow and blue colors. Color all the holes with blue color and the muscles on the belly, thighs, and arms yellow.

The realistic Iron Man sketch is easy to make by following the steps from 1 to 4. After you complete the structure, you will have to sketch the body with the help of different shades of lead pencils. Also, make the boundary of the Iron Man in the darkest lines. You may also use a black pen just to make the drawing more prominent than all of its parts.


The simple and easy Iron Man sketch and drawing with color have been depicted in detail. Make yourself a perfect artist of Iron Man by drawing Iron Man again and again. Practice in the rough book and then draw it where you actually need it. The Iron Man sketch, drawing painting, or portrait of your own hard work is ready to be displayed. Frame it and hand it wherever you lie or give it to your friend and cousins. Make frequent visits to our website to learn drawing ideas to learn such as easy and realistic drawings with stepwise pictures. You may also like batman drawing

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