How to Draw Easy House Drawing Step by Step for Kids

What is a House?

House Drawing is one of the popular drawing especially in the kids. A house is any building where someone lives; a residential building. To live a good life and manage daily routine work, the house is the place that imparts the major role. The house protects its residents from severe weather conditions, heat, cold, winds, storms, lightning, and wildlife. The house specifies a person’s identity and makes a part of his memories throughout their life. He, whenever relishes back on his past time, the house becomes the main reflection of the panorama.

Houses are made differently in different regions of the world according to the climate changes, land type, nature of the people, and the materials available there. So the house may be constructed from wood, tree stems, leaves, cardboard, steel, plastic or stones, and mud. Similarly, the houses vary in size and area. Some are pretty big and spacious while some are very small. No matter, how big a house is or which material it has in its composition, the house has always been important and loved by its residents.

Facts About the House:

  • The creaks on the house have nothing to do with the aging of your house. 
  • The brass doorknobs in your house instead of steel or plastic can help you stay healthy. 
  • The age of the house can be predicted by watching its roof.
  • The roof of a house is constructed on the conditions that a resident is living. 

How can I Draw a Wooden House Drawing for Kids?

In this piece of article, you are going to learn how to draw an easy and beautiful drawing of a house for kids. Also, you will know how you can sketch it, color or paint it. 

The easy cool drawing idea depicted and explained here represents a wooden house, built with simple, cute architecture. The cool and easy piece of art will make your kid excited and joyful.

Materials Required For House Drawing:

The material for a cool and easiest drawing of the house is given below:

  • A sharp pencil
  • 1 small-sized ruler.
  • An eraser
  • Pencil colors
  • A compass
  • Different colored paints.
  • Glitters 

How can I Draw a Modern Cute House Drawing Step-by-Step for Kids?

After you get all the essentials for drawing, you can startup. just follow the following simple steps given below:

Step 1:

Draw out the major outline of the house by using a ruler and a pencil. First, draw two vertical lines and then make a triangular edge over it as a canopy. Then double the triangle. Draw a rectangular box covered with a double vertical line as a chimney.

house drawing easy

Step 2:

Take a compass and draw a circle in the upper middle part. Then draw an outer circle over it. In this way, a circle within a circle is formed. 

Also, draw the rectangle to get a door into the house. Put a relatively thin bar rectangle horizontally over it. In the end, draw a circular knob on the door. 

how to draw house drawing

Step 3:

Draw two windows on the two sides of the door and then intersect the circle with a cross in middle to give it a beautiful design.

beautiful house drawing

Step 4, Step 5 & Step 6:

Color the windows, circular windows, and the door. Next, you have to color the chimney the walls, and the canopy.

How to make a Sketch of the Modern House?

Follow up all the instructions given above to reach an empty colorless sketch.

Then, pick a bold pencil and then apply shades either right to left, top to bottom or inclined along the side. You may also like funny kids drawing

How to Paint a Beautiful House Drawing?

When you have made a sketch of the cute house by following steps 1 to 6, ready your paints. Pick the painting brush and color in sharp shades of poster colors to give your sketch a good look. Dry it by placing it on a dry and smooth surface at room temperature for some time. 

An attractive and outstanding painting of the house is ready to be viewed. 

How to make my House Painting More Awesome and Colorful?

As all the kids love to have unique paintings and drawings for all their classmates. 

There is one unique idea to make the kid’s painting or drawing more attractive. Use different colored glitters on the windows and door and chimney. 

Or sprinkle some stars dust on the door or house.

What other items can I Draw with my House to Cover up the Space? 

You may draw some clouds, birds or the sun on top of the house.

And you can draw the trees on both sides and grass on the ground as well.

This will help you cover up all the empty spaces on your drawing sheet.


A simple, easy, good-looking architectural house is ready. If you are a drawing teacher or student, follow us to have such amazing drawings by yourself.  Practice having more efficiency in drawing, sketching, or painting.

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