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How To Draw Easy Hand and Face Drawing Step By Step For Kids

Drawing a human face is always fascinating. True human face drawing can bring happiness to anyone. Even high-resolution hand and face images are worth watching. If you’ve ever tried to draw a face, you might find it enjoyable. Drawing a hand is thought to be the most difficult bodily component to draw.

Tips for Hands and Face Drawing:

Because all fingers have a different point of origin and different shapes and sizes, don’t try to make the basic structure of all fingers the same in shape and size. Consider your fingers’ natural capacity to rotate and use only that amount of rotation while creating a hand gesture.

Consider the fundamental distinctions between the hands of men and women of various ages. A man’s hand, for example, is typically thick in structure, with wide and tiny nails. A woman’s hand, on the other hand, has slender anatomy and characteristics. Lengthy nails and long fingers are typical. A woman’s wrists will also be slender. Hand hairs can also make a difference between men and women. A child’s hand would be large and strong.

Facts About Hand and Face Drawing:

  1.   Only about 10% to 15% of the human population is left-handed. Only one person in a hundred is ambidextrous, meaning they can use both hands equally well.
  2.  There are no muscles in the fingertips.
  3.  Hands are only found in primates. Humans, apes, and monkeys are among the 300 primate species.
  •   Holding hands has been demonstrated to lower cortisol levels.
  •   The human face is the most identifiable feature of any individual.
  •   Despite our differences in appearance, the human face functions similarly for everyone.
  • Genuine emotion is seen on all sides of the human face, regardless of emotion. Faking an emotional presentation will always leave some gaps on one side of the face or the other

Hands and Face Drawings Easy:

 People find painting hands and faces to be simple and pleasant. Many people feel it is difficult, yet it is not. You May Also like face with lips drawing

 Lovely Hand and Face Drawings :

 People of all ages like drawing their hands and faces.

Hand and Face Drawings Simple:

Drawing a hand and face is not as tough as many people believe. This can be drawn in simple stages.

 Hand And Face Drawing Ideas:

Imagine a hand with a face in your imagination to get the idea for making a hand and face.

How To Draw Hand and Face:

 In order to draw a Hand and face   you have to focus on the hand and face of any person.   There are some  simple steps to draw a hand and face. If you give attention to this drawing then it will be very easy to make a fancy hand and face.

Materials For Drawing

These are the materials you’ll need to sketch.

  • Simple Paper (For sketch)
  • Pencil, Sharpener, And Eraser
  • Red  Color Pencils Also.
  • Eraser with rectangular shape

Step 1:

 First and foremost, you have a distinct mental image of the hand and face. Always keep in mind where you started because this is important for a good drawing. Start by drawing a hand similar to the one shown. Remember to keep your thumb and index finger V-shaped.

Hand Drawing easy

Step 2:

 Draw the nails of the fingers and thumb after the first stage is completed. The second phase is completed by drawing fingers with nails.

drawing on hand ideas

Step 3:

To form the right eye of the face, draw a line from the middle of the thumb upward by touching the first finger.

hand on face drawing references

Step 4:

Now you have to draw nose on the face and make eyelets in the eye.

beautiful girl drawing

Step 5:

After completing fourth step  now you have to make the lips and two teeth as shown in the picture .

pencil sketch drawing

Step 6:

After drawing the lips now you have to fill red color in the lips. These are the easy steps to make hand and face drawing.

face and hand drawing

Hand And Face Sketch Conclusion:

  The following post demonstrating interesting drawing ideas for a hand and face will assist you in learning to draw this type of drawing and presenting it wherever you need it. If you don’t have access to a drawing instructor, open the cool and basic drawing ideas and draw as many hands and faces as you want. If you didn’t succeed the first time, try again to produce a better and more enhanced version.

Face on Hand Images

Face on hand drawing

Frequently Asked Question

How to Draw hand and face?

 To sketch, the hand and face have a distinct structure. You must use your imagination to create a fascinating hand and face. It’s a really simple and straightforward drawing.

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