How To Draw Gorilla Cartoon Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Gorillas and chimps are cute animals having a close resemblance to those human beings. The scientists think that the humans were evaluated out of Gorillas, and thus they can be regarded as one of our closest cousins in taxonomy. They are found in Africa and Asia with two types in their origin. The Gorillas do have a similar physique to humans. They also share the genetic code upto the extent of 98%. This genetic code similarity is in fact responsible for such a big physical resemblance.


The Gorillas are an important part of the ecosystem. Wherever we happen to read about monkeys and chimpanzees, the Gorillas are also discussed. They are just sentimental like humans and can express their sadness and happiness. They have flat feet and have long fingers and are fond of fruits, especially bananas. They can be trained to perform certain types of stunts and activities and thus are a part of every zoo. Also, the Gorillas have been used for scientific experiments since they have a close resemblance to humans. 

Gorillas have an excellent level of intelligence quotient ( IQ).  They can solve simple puzzle mechanisms to reach their food. They can also understand the commands they are directed and hence they can have a good bonding with humans. They may also act as the assistants or helpers at work just like monkeys. 

These days, the WWF has regarded Gorillas as an endangered species ( they may go extinct). The main reason for this population crisis is their very slow reproduction rate as compared to other animals. They raise one baby at a time for years and then plan the next. You may also like Puppy Drawing

Interesting Facts About Gorillas:

  • There are about 1000 estimated Gorillas in the world and the world wild foundation counted them as one of the endangered species.
  • The Gorillas breed at a very slow pace and give birth to a single baby at a single time, in 4-5 years. 
  • The Gorillas live in groups with a leader Gorilla, just like the elephants do.
  • They are extremely intelligent creatures and understand and express emotion.
  • Their weight may reach upto 400 pounds.
  • Their height can be equal to that of an average human.
  • They are extremely strong animals; they can break their cages in zoos and can pull down banana trees to the ground.
  • Gorillas’ nose prints are their ID just like a human’s ID is their fingerprints. Every Gorilla has an extremely unique nose print.
  • They may learn sign language.

How to Draw a Cute and Cool Gorilla for kids?

As the Gorillas are an important part of the wildlife, the drawing teacher may assign your kids to draw a Gorilla in their drawing book. Or watching a documentary about the animal may incite a feeling of drawing a Gorilla in your kid. So, the “cool drawing ideas” brings the complete step-by-step drawing and sketching of the Gorilla to the drawing book. The drawing of the Gorilla is an easy, interesting, and fascinating task for kids. Read the full drawing article to have a complete idea of tactics related to drawing.

How can I Draw a Cute Gorilla with a banana in various steps?

Gorilla Drawing Cartoon

Get the complete step-by-step guidelines about the drawing of Gorilla in 5 steps. Have the easiest mentoring with graphical display and have the drawing done in no time. You will never find an easier and more convenient method of drawing a Gorilla.

Materials Required:

  • A clean paper sheet or drawing book
  • A set of lead pencils with different shades
  • Poster colors (white, black, red, and yellow) 
  • A color pallet for mixing colors
  • An erasers 
  • A cotton bud
  • A tissue paper
  • A butter paper sheet 

Stepwise Drawing of a Cute Gorilla with Banana:

Here is the complete stepwise detail of how you can make your kid a beautiful Gorilla with a banana in its hand:

Step 1:

Draw the following figure with a smooth head inside and a hairy structure on the outer fold. Make a hairy fold at the top one on the left side then one for the back on the right side and the last one for the hip on the right side.  It is just the outline of the half body of the Gorilla Drawing.  

How to Draw a Gorilla Easy For Beginner

Step 2:

Next, you have to make the body of the Gorilla a little clear by putting the v shape close up in the middle. Then draw the two round ears and the outline of the fist of the Gorilla. Make the forehead bulge in two little round mountains for the eyes.

How to draw Gorilla in easy steps for beginners

Step 3:

Color the inner part of the body a gray shade but draw the eyes and eyeballs first. Then moving to the mouth, make the Gorilla smile by putting lips and lip lines. Also, mention the white teeth of the big Gorilla.

How To Draw A Gorilla

Step 4:

Now giving the fist of the Gorilla a special focus, make the tight fist and nails tight. Also, color this fist first and mention the breast lines in the middle. Draw two small circles for nipples on right and left. This is how a Gorilla actually looks. Now draw, very carefully a banana kept in the fit of the Gorilla. Also, make up the nails of the feet and the other hand. 

Gorilla Drawing Face

Step 5:

Now color the whole body with a darker gray shade on the outside. Next, you have to make the smooth eyeballs in a red shade since the Gorillas have red eyes. 

Step 6:

Color the banana in yellow, then put red eye shade in the eyeballs since a Gorilla’s eyes have an orange-red color. Next color the nails in pink. The Gorilla drawing is ready to be viewed.

Gorilla Drawing For Kids


The Gorilla drawing learning is very important because the kids may have it in their homework as:

  • To draw a wild animal
  • To draw a strong animal
  • To draw their favorite animal
  • To draw the animals in the jungle
  • To draw a Gorilla.
  • To draw the Gorilla family in their science project.

Therefore, one must learn to draw a Gorilla in order to hone their drawing and sketching skills. The teachers may learn it and can teach it to students in similar steps. Also, the artwork will become a lot easier if it is mentioned in steps. Open the Cool Drawing Ideas and learn many more from our treasure drawings collection!

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