How to Draw Easy Cute Girl with Dress Drawing Step By Step For Kids

In the previous drawings of the Cool Drawings Ideas, we learned how to raw different girls’ faces. That gave a lot of help to the drawing and sketch improvements to our regular visitors and online learners. After that, now, it’s time to learn how to draw the full girl with dress sketch or painting or to draw with the same step-by-step guidance. So, who is excited about this? We know you all are. You may also like girl face drawing

Before getting started you must know how important it is to learn simple full-body portraits and drawings. Since most of you want to gain perfection in your art, so they must try out new and newer drawings as much as you can. Here we will present a girl with a long maxi dress. The drawing appears a little bit tricky but we assure you it is really cool to give it a good try to enjoy!

Interesting Facts About Girls and Their Dresses:

  • Until the end of the 19th century, women were banned to model themselves. The dresses were displayed on the dummies or the dolls instead of the ladies. 
  • Queen Juana in Portugal invented the first hoop skirt, by chance.
  • Queen Victoria was the first lady who wore a wedding dress all in white. White was not associated with joy before. It symbolized death, for decades of years before.
  • The clothes were stitched by hands until 1850. Afterward, machines were invented to sew them up. 

How can I Draw a Simple and Easy Drawing of a Girl with Dress Drawing?

It is super easy. Just make sure sure you have a little spare time for drawing to lavishly spend it on your hobby. Open our beautiful page, “Cool Drawings Ideas” and scroll down to find the drawings you ever wanted to try.  A simple, easy, and step-by-step procedure is given for you. 

How I can Draw a Cool, and Easy Drawing of “a Girl with a Dress” Drawing for Kids?

The girl drawing is extra interesting for kids if they are excited to make the dress of the girl as well. So, this girl drawing activity is going to be very attractive for kids. 

How can I Draw a Beautiful Step-by-Step Drawing of the “girl with a dress” Drawing?

 Well to obtain a very clean, cute, and easy drawing of the girl with a dress, just follow up on the procedure we are going to illustrate:

Materials Required To Draw Girl with Dress:

All you will need to draw a Girl with a Dress is:

  1. A sharp lead pencils 
  2. An eraser
  3. A clean and spot-free sheet of the paper or chart paper
  4. A set of colored pencils
  5. A set of watercolors or poster colors
  6. Glitters

Step-by-step Procedure to Draw a Cool Drawing of a Girl with Dress:

Step 1:

Start from the center by drawing an elliptical face and an ar on the right side.  Then draw an inversion of hairs over the face at some centimeters above the face. The hairs are straight on the right but three curly steps on the left side. 

Next, draw out two lines bottom of the chin and spread them on the left and right shoulders. 

Girl With Dress Drawing simple

Step 2:

In this step, you have to draw the facial features. Start from the eyes, by drawing two similar almond-shaped hollow shapes. Put the eyeballs in the eyes. Then shape the eyebrows over both eyes.  Then, take down the two vertically parallel lines between the two eyes and meet them with a lower ridge in middle. Draw the outline of the loops as shown in the figure.

Girl with dress drawing illustration

Step 3:

Color the hairs all in black and then draw the right arm by pulling a line from the right shoulder. Then draw out the left arm and make four fingers shown below in the given illustration below. Also, in this step, you have to draw a midline in the lips by joining the two side corners.

Girl With Dress Drawing Step by Step

Step 4:

Draw the chest lining of the dress and then spread the sides from both underarms to spread the dress underneath. Remember the dress is such that you won’t have to draw the shoes and the feet etc. give a few curls in the dress lining at the bottom as well. 

Girl With Dress Drawing for kids

Step 5:

Color the arms and neck any shade of skin like light brown or dark brown. Draw a few lines from the hands to the end of the dress lining. it will show the flayer of the dress the girl is wearing. Color the eyeballs black and leave the space white.

Girl With Dress Drawing with color

Step 6:

Pick any color of your choice and color the whole dress of the girl to complete the drawing.

Cute Girl with Dress Drawing

How Can I Draw a Sketch of the Girl with Dress in my Sketchbook?

Well, for this purpose you have to choose the different shades of lead pencils only. Draw the boundaries and hairs with a darker pencil. Then use lighter pencils to color the dress, the skin, and other parts of the girl. 


A cute girl’s drawing with dress is pretty simple and a little challenging. The kids will love it to draw the full model girl in their drawing book. Also, they can use the template to draw drawings and sketches for princesses, teachers, and female friends.  Get yourself excited to teach your kids a very unique cool drawing of the girl with the dress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make my “girl drawing with a dress” look unique and different?

Here are a few tips for that purpose:
Use another color instead of matching one with your friends. Or use multiple colors in the different segments of the dress to give it a rainbow look. 
And use glitters to emphasize the beauty and colors of the beautiful dress of the girl.
Change the shape or length of the dress by making minor changes. 

How can I paint a cute painting of the Girl with a dress in my notebook?

Take the poster colors. Make the boundary of the whole drawing with a marker and then fill the drawing with different paints to give it a very unique look. 

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