Beautiful Girl Face Drawing Step by Step for Kids

Girl Face Drawing is popular drawing in kids .What’s the most challenging part of drawing for kids? It is how to draw the faces and the facial features. Since the kids wish to draw human face-based drawings, like drawing the family, the siblings, or the cartoon characters. Facial features are seldom taught in the classroom at lower grades. Here, we are going to guide you pictorially on how to make a perfect drawing of the girl face in a step-by-step process. 

The face holds the most prominent place in human personality. While learning to make sketches of humans it is preliminary to learn how you can draw the face. The face reflects real human beauty, dignity, and nature. Girls’ faces are rather tougher to draw as compared to boys. The lips shape, the eyebrows, the lipstick, the eyelids, and eye shades, everything needs to be expressed carefully. To learn an easy, simple, and basic type of drawing Girl Face, just scroll down and read the full piece of article.

Facts About Girls’ Faces:

Following are the most fascinating facts about girls’ faces:

  • The left side of the girls’ faces appears relatively cuter and more attractive as compared to the right.
  • A large jaw on the girl’s face and eyebrow ridge, make the girls look more dominant.
  • Tall, and good-looking girls get more wages compared to normal-looking girls according to research.
  • We are more inclined to remember the faces of attractive girls than average-looking girls.
  • Girls with childlike faces look to have more fans. 

How to Draw an Easy Girl Face in an Easy Way?

You may find many drawings on the internet loaded with hundreds of facial drawing tips. But the easiest one is here. You will never find an easier drawing of a face ever after. You May Also like girl drawing with wings

How Can I Draw a Girl Face for Kids?

You can draw the girl’s face by following the simple steps we give here.  The kids love easy step-by-step drawings that you may avail here.

How can I Draw a Cute Girl Face in Steps?

The illustration of a Girl’ Face with all the features vividly is shown below with complete guidance:

But first, you need a few items in your materials to start up. This is listed below:

  • A drawing pencils
  • An eraser
  • A pencil color box
  • Different paints
  • Glitters, stardusts, and other accessories

The steps for a cool cute girl’s face drawing are depicted below:

Step 1:

In the very first step, draw the main outline of the girl. You have to draw the round head shape on the top, and hair with a shoulder cut.   Draw down two V-shaped lines and meet them with a round corner to make a chin. Then draw a beautiful thin neck with two vertical lines and then the lower trunk. 

girl drawing Easy.

Step 2:

Draw very cautiously, one eye with the eyeball and the eyebrow. Then copy the eye in the mirror image to make the other as well. Next, draw a nose feature by beautifully modifying the w letter. Then, at last, draw the lips. To make the lips look perfect, draw the middle horizontal line first and then meet up the two corners with two round upper and lower lips. Don’t forget to give a little depression in the upper lip shape. Also, make the eye lids virtually prominent by darkening the lid and making it a little thick.

beautiful girl drawing

Step 3:

Make the inner balls of the eyeballs totally deep dark and fill the lips with a pink shade to make a base for reddish pink.

girl drawing For Kids

Step 4:

Draw the lines on the hairs to show a big volume and neatness. Then, make a small clip on the lower corner to show a knot here. 

girl drawing face

Step 5:

At last, pick the color pencil box and select a shade for the hair of the girl. This will make the drawing look a little more finished. At the very last step, pick a dark shade for lips and blend it with pencil color to make it look totally homogenized.

girl drawing Cartoon

Complete Cute girl drawing Sketch

girl drawing

What are the most important tips to Sraw a cute Girl face with pencil colors?

  • Whenever you are making any sketch avoid sliding your hands over the drawn boundary or any feature drawn. It may make the boundaries look less sharp and blurred.
  • While coloring the lips twice, you should use a small tissue paper and blend the pink with red. You can also use a small cotton bud, for this purpose. 
  • When the sketch/drawing is ready, take a butter paper sheet (also called the sandwich or parchment paper) and place it over your drawing, so that the drawing may not put a print on the page next to it.

How Can I Draw a Simple Sketch of a girl’s Face with a Pencil?

  • Take the sketch pencils of different light and dark shades.
  • Use a dark pencil to make the boundary.
  • Then draw the features and don’t use colors.
  • Now in the last step, use different shades to give shades to hair color and the face. Make the hair look darker with a dark shade pencil. 


We greatly hope that after reading out the full article “drawing a Girl’s Face” you got the complete idea of drawing the girl’s face. As a teacher, you can guide your kids or students to make the drawing easier for them. You may remove their hesitation by guiding them step by step as we recommended. To make the drawing of Girl’s Face even better, practice more and more.

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