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Fly drawing is popular drawing especially in the kids. Flies are a part and parcel of tropical environments and are found almost in all parts of the world. The flies are absent only in areas with extremely cold weather but are found abundantly in regions even with extremely hot air. The flies belong to the family of insects with six legs and one or more pairs of wings. All insects especially the flies from the phylum Arthropoda have following body parts

  • A distinct head region
  • Middle Thorax region


  • The last Abdomen

All the flies are formed with a special procedure called metamorphosis. During this, they are developed from eggs to adult flies. The steps involved are larvae and pupa which convert finally to an adult fly. The flies belong to the order Diptera, and they form almost one million further tyes of the flies. The most common types of the flies are listed below:

  1. House flies
  2. Hover-flies
  3. Crane flies
  4. Horse flies

The flies have a head region that can be moved and a pair of eyes on them. Many other files may have more than one pair of eyes. The legs are jointed and they feel vibrations very instantly and can detect them effectively.  The flies communicate via a buzzing sound and most of them feed on dead and decaying organic matter. The number of flies, near the rotten meat, and alcohol when left open , is relatively higher always.

Flies are also the vectors of many diseases like cholera, typhoid, sleeping sickness, and many others. They do not create the diseases by themselves but do help in their transmission. They have suckers to suck the food and also move their saliva in and out of their mouths. They have sticky legs that besides spreading the germs also help in pollination. The assistance in pollination makes them an important creature of the ecosystem. 

What Are The Needs to Draw a Housefly Drawing For Kids In Steps?

Flies are often taught in the science subject and also discussed in detail with special reference to physiology. The kids may need a housefly drawing during drawing a diagram of the complete lifecycle of a fly from egg to fly. So it is necessary for them to learn the drawing of the fly. Also, the children are very curious to learn new and newer drawings whenever they are in an art class. So being a mentor you should know the best method to draw them a realistic drawing of a fly. Now, specifically one should learn the drawing of a housefly for himself or for his students or kids.

What are the items needed to make the housefly drawing at home or school for kids?

The materials needed for an easy housefly drawing are given below:

  • A sharp pencil
  • An eraser
  • A clipboard or hardboard
  • A set of pencil colors
  • A set of water paints
  • A black marker
  • A thread and grains for crafting
  • A clean paper sheet

How Can I Draw a Beautiful Fly Drawing of Fly in Easy Steps?

All steps of Fly Drawing

The fly drying is so easy to draw and one can learn to draw it in a few simple series of steps we give here. The steps are given with a picture in each so that you may get complete guidance and can match your drawing at each step:

Step 1:

The housefly drawing starts by drawing a simple outline of a heart-shaped figure. Draw the closed figure to make a complete heart with deformed edges. It is basically the wings structure that the fly has.

fly drawing cute

Step 2:

In this step, take an eraser and erase it a little at the tip of the head. Then make a peanut-like hollow structure over it, extending half of this into the wings outline. Then draw two hollow eye sockets at the terminals of the head as we did. Remember the eyes are not circular they are ovals.

fly drawing colour

Step 3:

The third step is quite an easy one. Make the thin legs with six lines drawn with the pattern as shown in the given figure.

fly drawing cartoon

Step 4:

Draw a few random lines on each wing as per depicted. The lines show the reflection pattern that is formed on the wings due to their shine.

fly drawing easy

Step 5:

Step 5 initiates the coloring. Take the bluish gray color and color the wings as shown. Then, take a dark brown color for the head region and fill the head with this color.

simple drawing easy

Step 6:

At last, take the orange color and fill the eye sockets with this color. No eyeballs needed to draw as the eyes don’t have the eyes like that of the bigger organisms. The housefly drawing is ready to be checked out.

Step By Step fly drawing
Step By Step fly drawing .webp

How Can I Sketch a Realistic Housefly In Black and White?

To make a sketch of a fly, follow up the step 1 to 4, and then use different shades of pencils to fill the interiors of the fly or a housefly. The different shades will help you distinguish different parts of the housefly. 

What are the Dos and Don’ts While Making a Drawing More Fantastic and Cool?

Here, are a few tips that one can use to make the drawing more realistic, cute, and beautiful:

  • Always put butter paper or a kitchen sheet between layers of your drawings so that the colors may not merge into one another’s pages.
  • The coloring should be very smooth and uniform. For this purpose use a cotton bud, a cotton cloth, or a sheet of soft tissue paper to make it smooth overall.
  • The shades you choose for your housefly drawing should be very close to nature. Don’t use contrasting colors. Use those in which shades the houseflies usually exist.
  • While making the painting, always wait for your paint to get dried before you put back your drawing book.


The easy housefly drawing can be learned by making a thorough tour of steps 1 to 6 in the easiest way possible. The drawing will give you a sure pleasure time and a fun activity with your kids. Also, they will be super excited to learn something new and useful. Fly learning is always helpful to an art teacher since he may need to draw a fly anytime in his class. You may also like to draw bald eagle drawing

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