Easy Flower Drawing Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Flower Drawing is one of the popular drawing. There would be no wonder if someone could find out the world’s most beautiful thing and it is a flower. Flowers have been always used as a symbol of beauty and cuteness all over the world. Where there is joy, the flowers are presented there. Where there is a funeral, the flowers are there. They have been a part of our life in any color either of joy or sadness. 

Talking about the most beautiful flower is to talk about the king among the princesses. Well, “the rose” is called the “king of flowers”. The roses represent love, beauty, harmony, art, faithfulness, and loyalty.  At the same time, the different colored flowers represent different emotions. For example, the white flowers are a symbol of purity, innocence, and humility.  Yellow flowers represent the bond of friendship and also the enmity. Black roses represent funerals and sadness. The red flowers are a symbol of true love and desire. 

Facts About the Roses:

Read the following mind-blowing facts about the roses given below:

  1. The oldest and the most ancient type of flower in history and geography is the rose.
  2. The roses play an important role in pollination by insects and humans.
  3. You can eat flowers (roses).
  4. Rose is also regarded as the national flower of the UK.
  5. Their fragrance is awesome and they can be used in the perfuming industry as rose water.
  6. Different colors of flowers represent different meanings.
  7. There are even more than 150 plus types of roses grown all over the world. 
  8. Black roses are also grown but nowadays the flowers of any color are spread with black dye. 

Cool Drawing of a rose:

Drawing a rose is always needed while doing any artwork or helping to make a child. You may also learn it if you are a school art teacher. This page displaying easy and very cool drawing ideas will always help you get the easiest drawing in a few minutes. Not only the steps of drawing are easy but they are super interesting specially for beginners of KG level.

Flower Drawing Easy:

The drawing of flowers is easy and enjoyable for beginners. It is not as difficult as many people think.

 Loving flower drawing

Many flowers are used for romance and romantic scenes.

 Simple Flower Drawing :

The sketch of the flower is as simple as a kid’s play.

Flower Drawing Ideas:

The idea to make a flower can come into our minds by visiting gardens or by simply observing the flower.

Flower Drawing Beautiful:

 The drawing of some flowers is so much beautiful as the drawing of a rose which is so lovely. You May Also Like face with lips drawing

Supplies for Drawing

These are the supplies you have to use for drawing. 

  • Simple Paper (For sketch)
  • Pencil, Sharpener, And Eraser
  • Green, Red, and black Color Pencils
  • Red Marker use for drawing
  • Green Marker use for drawing

Easy Learning of Drawing a Rose Step By Step:

Flower Drawing images

Here, you can learn how to sketch, draw and paint a simple flower by yourself at home or school.  Get the material required with a clean sheet of paper in A4 size. Margin the sheet and then check if any mark or spot is there. If there is, remove it by using your eraser. 

Step-by-Step Drawing of a Beautiful and Lovely Rose:

Follow up the following steps to make out a beautiful flower (the Rose):

  1. Step 1:

First of all, you have a clear picture of a flower-like a red rose within your mind. Think about flowers like roses. Always remember a starting point because basic steps help for clear drawing. Begin by drawing two parallel lines to make a stem. Join the ends of both lines. The stem of the rose is ready and the first step is completed. The green colored pencil should be used for the stem.

Easy Flower Drawing

Step 2:

 After drawing the first step, now start from the last point and make two leaves. One leaf on the left side and one on the right side of the stem. Remember that the right-side stem should be upper side than the left side stem. These leaves should be thick. Here the green color is also used.

Flower Drawing Sketch

  Step 3:

After drawing the leaves on the stem now you have to draw three more leaves. One should be attached with a stem but the other two will be separate. 

Simple Flower Drawing

Step 4:

Now you have to start from the leaf which is attached to the stem and make a red-colored head of the flower. In this step, you have to make curved lines on the upper side to make a rose drawing easy. In this step, the rose will be shaped in flower form.

Line Art Flower Drawing

Step 5:

After completing the fourth step now in the last step you have to make curved lines in the middle of the redhead rose. How beautifully a rose is prepared by following the simple steps.

Rose Drawing

How to Paint a Beautiful and Cool Drawing of the Rose:

Get through all the steps given above one by one and you will come to know how the drawing.  

  • Sketch out the diagram as mentioned above.
  • Mark the boundaries with black markers.
  • After marking the boundaries, you can choose the colors you want to have in your rose.
  • Pick the paints of respective colors and spread them out in the sketch carefully.
  • Apply glitter with gentle touches on the flower petals and sepals.
  • Dry it in the gentle air and then paste it into your drawing book. 
  • The cool drawing idea brought you up to the formation of a cool flower drawing.


The above article showing the cool drawing ideas regarding a beautiful rose will help you learn the rose drawing and present where ever you need it. Also, if you don’t have a drawing teacher just open up the cool and easy drawing ideas and draw the roses as many as you want.  If you did not make it on the first attempt, try again to make it an improved and better version. 

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