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Simple Face with Lips Smiling Drawing Step by Step For Beginner

The drawing of face with lips is not difficult as some people think it very difficult. Face with lips is first and basic step for the beginners who want to draw human face. Face drawing is a creative idea for the beginners but once you are used to then it will be very easy for you to draw human face.

As the drawing of face is creative that’s why you need very much intention on every step. Face of human will be very attractive for people. Face drawing is very helpful for kids and learners. A sketch of face which is drawn as a face for people loving the art and knowing how to draw a most anticipated drawing is very helpful for them. You may also like Dual Face Drawing

Facts About Face and Lips Drawing:

  1.  A use of proportion is very necessary for creating face drawing.
  2.  Special skills are required in portrait facial sketch. 
  3.  A geometric facial drawing is very difficult like novices for those people who have no artistic training.
  4.  Face drawing assists the people in two stages like provision of local and global guidance about visual sketch.  
  5.  Some face drawings are so entertaining that people of all age enjoy the drawing like funny facial expressions.
  6.  Face with lips drawing is very significant for those users who want to draw a detailed portrait sketch.

Face Drawings for Kids:

The drawing of funny and humorous girl face is very interesting for kids and they enjoy this drawing.

 Loving Face with Lips Drawings:

A loving face of girl with pink lips is very loveable for every person in this era.

 Face with Lips Drawings Simple:

The drawing of face with lips is not so much time wasting. If a person who is a master in drawing can sketch this is a minimum time limit. But a beginner takes more time in drawing at the beginning but after some time it will be easy to draw.

Animations of Face with Lips:

Animations of face in cartoon form in modern time period is very interesting for every person of any age.  People earn lot of money by creating the 3D animations of faces with facial expressions.

 Face with Pink Lips Drawings Funny:

Many faces with funny expressions are very funny and humorous thus these are entertaining sketches.

Face with Pink Lips Drawings Ideas:

Face with pink lips drawing is totally dependent sketch which is connected to our thinking means whose face we have to draw.

 How To Draw a Face with Pink Lips:

face and lips drawing

 If you are curious about-face with pink lips drawing, then it’s the better place for you. To draw this face sketch, it is an exciting way for beginners. Because the face with pink lips drawing is a creative sketch. So, it will be your mental creativeness to draw a face with pink lips drawing for a beginner. 

Also, it is not difficult to draw a face with pink lips sketch because catching face on paper is a difficult sketch. Observation power for sketch in your mind should be greater. In order to draw face with pink lips learn drawing with following steps which are given with images.

Step 1:

First of all, you have a clear picture of human girl face with pink lips in your minds because it is an imaginary picture of people. Think about face with pink lips drawing on a paper to make a sketch in your minds. Think an image in your mind about any girl’s face, then always remember a starting point because basic step help for clear drawing.

Begin by drawing a line from right upper side and take it to the left side in such a way that firstly draw right to left and make a slope down. After this you have to make circled shape on left side.  Now take it to the right side but downward and make a U shaped then take this line to left side.

Lips on Face Drawing

Step 2:

 After drawing of first step, now start from last line and make nose. Draw this line in such a way to make nose clearly.

Face with Lips drawing

Step 3:

After drawing the nose on face now you have to make lips on face and also the chin. Then draw this line in downward.

Easy Face and Lips drawing

Step 4:

Now you have to start from the line by which you drawn the chin. Now you have to make the neck of the face. In this step you have to draw eyes on face also.

simple Face on Lips drawing

Step 5:

After completing forth step now fill the sketch with colors. Like pink color on lips and black on eyes. Now a very creative sketch of dual face is drawn.

Smiling Face with Lips drawing

 Face with Pink Lips Sketch:

You can download the sketch the face with pink lips of a human but I would recommend you to draw it by yourself because in this way you will be able to learn a creative drawing of the face with pink lips of human. We know that face of human is creative to draw. You have a keen interest and having a strong grip on drawing is also necessary.

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