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How to Draw Face Proportions Drawing easy For Kids | Line Drawings

There are many different aspects to making a detailed drawing of a face, so you must start by understanding the basics. You will need to work through this tutorial step by step to master the art of facial drawing. When you’re drawing someone’s face, you can’t just say, “That looks good,” and move on—every single line matters. Even if you are making a caricature or a cartoon, it must be recognizable as the person you intended it to be. It’s all in the details.

Drawing the face is a complex and challenging task, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With some patience and practice, you can bring out the beauty of any face. You will become a master artist if you follow the simple steps below for drawing a face shape. You may also like dove and face drawing

The first thing that you will do when learning how to draw a face shape is to outline. You can use a pencil or pen, but make sure that it is light and not too dark. If not, then try your best to draw an oval shape. If you were to cut off the top third of the oval, it would be about the same width as one eye.

If you draw a profile view, your outline will look more like an egg than an oval, with the narrowest part at the bottom. Your subject’s eyes should be located on either side of the oval that is your outline. Each eye should be about one-quarter of the width of the face from edge to edge, and all of them should be about one-fifth of the know where to begin. With enough practice, you can create lovely faces that convey emotion and character in your artwork.

Face Drawing Tutorial

starts with the basics. The first step is to draw a circle for the head and a straight line running through it for the center of the face. Your chin and cheeks, and then add details like the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes. Once your work is complete, you can use color to add depth and make your drawing pop.

Facial proportions are essential in drawing a human face. The way you draw the facial features should be similar to how they are arranged on the human face. In this article, I will go over how to draw a primary human face with simple proportions.

Tips For Face Drawing Easy

Following are the tips for face drawing for anime:

  • Outline the shape of the head
  • Add contours of the cheeks and neck
  • Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Add hair, ears, and a necktie
  • Use shading to bring it all together

Art Supplies

The material required for face drawing cartoon is given below:

  • Pencils
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Metal kneaded Eraser
  • Paper towel or tissue
  • White paintbrush
  • Clear, dry glass jar or canister
  • Paper

How to Draw a Face

Face Drawing

Drawing a face is like drawing a landscape or any other complex scene. Start with the general shape first, then add the details. If you are beginning to draw faces, it might help to focus on one feature at a time.

Practice drawing the same feature repeatedly until you feel confident that you can draw it well without looking at your reference picture. For instance, start with the eyes, then move on to the nose, and so on. You can also try focusing on one feature with each portrait you draw.

Drawing a face shape is not an easy task, as drawing accurate facial proportions correctly aims to make this task easier for you by giving detailed information about how to draw a realistic face step by step. Check this channel

Step 1:

First, draw the overall shape of the face. It is a three-quarter view profile with one eye visible so that this shape will be slightly oval.

face drawing easy

Step 2 :

Add the guidelines for the center of the face, including an intersecting line that divides it in half. This horizontal line should run through the middle of both ears and eyes. The vertical pipe will help you place the features evenly from top to bottom. It runs through the middle of the nose and the chin, as well as through each corner of the mouth. These are just guidelines; they will not be part of your final drawing.

face drawing girl

Step 3:

Draw a guideline to place the eyes. You can use a ruler or straightedge to draw a horizontal line across your page at eye level, the distance between your eyes and your mouth.

face drawing pencil

Step 4:

Then, draw another one halfway between that line and your chin to give you a guide for where to put her nose and eyes.

face drawing cartoon

5- Draw two parallel lines above her eye level, one on each side of the face. This will be another guide for placing her hairline correctly. You don’t want it too low or too high on her face.

face proportions drawing
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