How to Draw Eye Drawing Step by Step Guide For Kids

The eyes are the reflection of the whole personality of a being and whatever is delivered through the eyes is never by the tongue or language. They do have their own body language. The eyes are the sumptuous segments of the body of all individuals whether they are humans or animals or even insects. They are perhaps the most important out of all the six senses humans have because they are the ones who color your world. The world is cataclysmic and dreadful without colors and of course without eyes ultimately.

Physiology of Eyes:

The eyes are meant to transmit and interpret visual information from the context and vicinity of any individual. Focusing the structure and functioning of an eye, it is wondrously similar to that of a simple camera. The cameras record the visual information plus the sounds with the help of the lenses and the recorders they are built with. The human eye takes in a particular amount of light into the eye, depending upon the brightness level of the environment, through Pupil. The pupil is the opening in front of the lens and it allows the light to pass through it either by making itself short or wide. 

The ciliary muscles relax or contract or relax to adjust the size of the lens and the pupil. The light first strikes the clear membrane called Cornea and then enters the gateway that is the pupil. Then the rays of light collide with the convex lens of the eye and create a sharp and inverted image of the Retina on the back of the eye called Retina. The Retina acts as a photographic plate for imaging.  

Since the image is inverted the image is taken through special nerves to the brain which interprets it as the erect one and this is what we see with our eyes.  The wonderful mechanism of recording images all day long without resting is really marvelous. One after getting through this is stunned indeed, for a few minutes. 

How Do Eyes Resemble a Camera?

The eyes and the simple camera both in construction and working are somehow resembling each other. In fact, the camera was invented to record information just as an eye does. The following are a few points that make the eye and the camera look alike:

  1. The camera has a protective glass or plastic door to prevent the lens and the eyes have the Cornea.
  2. The camera can adjust the amount of light intake with help of the shutter and the eyes may do this through the Pupil.
  3. The camera has a convex lens and the eyes do have the same.
  4. Both the camera and eye record images on the back side, by refraction through the convex lens. The eyes have retinas and the cameras have photographic films.
  5. The camera has an infinite far point and the eyes as well.

Hence the functioning of both these devices, one man-made and the either Nature-made, is quite analogous to some extent.

Why Should One Need to Learn Eyes Drawing?

In art and sketching, the eyes have a renowned significance, and they are the most prominent part of a sketch. The eyes of girls, women, men, children, and animals have different morphology hence one must learn to draw them.  An art teacher or an art student who learns good eye drawing and sketching can bring a big revolution in his/her drawing. The parents and the teachers can especially make their kids and students absorb the eyes drawing both digitally and by hand. 

What Materials Do We Need to Draw a Sensationally Amazing EYE Drawing by Hand ?

The eye drawing is simple to learn and draw and the materials needed for eye drawing are listed as:

  • A clear page of a drawing book or a simple book.
  • Black maker or liner
  • A lead pencil
  • A set of colored pencils
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener to sharpen a pencil

Moreover, if one wants, he may create an alteration by only using some glitters or water-based paints.

What is the Simple Procedure to Draw a Beautiful Eye Drawing in a Stepwise Manner?

All Steps of eye drawing

 The beautiful eye drawing in a simple stepwise process is given below. The ones who want an expert level of eye drawing learning can consult and sort out their incapability to draw an amazing piece of art. Eye drawing and sketching can be done in six steps. For your convenience, the cool drawings ideas feature all steps with special pictures to help you better conceive.

So let’s get started without any further delay:

Step 1:

For all drawings to initiate, the first step is to create the shape of the object or specimen. The outlook can then be managed and altered in the next steps by drawing more over them or erasing them and drawing new. In this way, the first step is the most important and basic one which lets you make the exact foundation of the drawing. 

This eye drawing starts by getting the only outline in the first step as usual. First, draw the curved line with a single upper curve in the middle raised upward eyelid, and then draw a hollow almond shape.  Then draw an inside circle by drawing a circle inside and then draw one more inside. Remember you should not draw the complete circle rather a part of it is hindered due to the eyelid. Most people mistake eye drawing and make it awkward by drawing the full circle. 

How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eyes Step by Step For Beginner

Step  2:

The second step starts by drawing a new almond in a previous hollow almond, with a curved round corner. You can see the second steps in red lines and the previous steps in black lines. Next, you have to draw an eyebrow over the eye . 

To draw an eyebrow, draw two curved lines with extended lines on both corners. Make the right corner pointed and the left with square round corners. 

How to draw an eye or eyes easy step by step for beginners

Step 3:

In the second step, we just ended the making of a simple eye sketch with all accessories. Next, we have to make a few amendments to give it a unique look. Make two joined squares on the eyeball to mention a sparkle on the eyeball. Then draw a lower curved crescent in the space below the sphere of the eyeball. Also, make a tear flow from the eye by drawing the hollow lower creamy look. 

Eye drawing easy tutorial with pencil basics

Step 4:

In this step, you have to draw a random rush of hair growth in the hollow eyebrow. Next, the time is to draw the eyelashes. The eye lashes are drawn such that the upper raised eyelid has lashes growth in an upward direction. The lower lid of the eye has lashes growth in a downward direction.

To give a very neat and clean look to the eyelashes try to start from the left and successively go towards the left or vice versa. Keep the length of eyelashes equal so that they may not give an unnatural or rough look.  Plus the upper eyelashes are double in length as compared to the lower ones.

How to Draw a Realistic Eye Step by Step Eye Tutorial

Step  5:

This step will complete the eye sketch drawing and the eye drawing with colors will be completed next. So if you want to draw an eye sketch with a black and white look, follow this step.

Pick the black color and fill the innermost circle first. Then, choose a dark gray shade to fill the whole outer eyeball leaving the sparkle and the crescent. Now fill the corner of the eye socket with a light gray shade. 

How to Draw Eyes A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 6:

Now, pick the water shade that is; light blue or aqua, and fill the tear rolled down. However, to give a black and white sketch appearance to it, use the light gray again. The eye drawing is complete and you can show it to your mentor now!

Discover eye drawings popular videos


Eye Drawing and sketching in six steps are depicted as above with detailed orchestration and hence could be learned very quickly. Also, try this out on the digital drawing apps like Illustrator to get the same beautiful piece of a sketch there as well. Also in your class, gather your mates, and get them to absorb this trick to draw them an eye drawing.  Plus this may help you draw an eye portrait for your drawing room or bedroom. Try this out with the help of water paints or oil paints and get it framed. Then you may either give it to your family or hang it in your own room.  To get more proficiency in eye drawing and sketching keep refining, ultimately your drawing will get into your hands. 

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