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How to Draw Easy  Elephant For Kids Step By Step | Animal Drawing

Elephant are the enormous animal that stays on this Earth. It has lengthy trunk, sharp dumper, it is a matter of fact that kids have great fun whenever they see the elephant in the zoo. Elephants are the animals that the children love to ride on it.

Now a day’s elephants did not present much in some areas. The species of an elephants have decline due to many reasons.

Drawing elephant easy:

The drawing elephant is easy to build up. You just need a sharp pencil and eraser and sharpener to make the sketch of an elephant.

Drawing elephant cartoon:

The cartoon of an elephant is very famous among kids. They love to draw the drawing of an elephant cartoon. Parents and teachers help their kids to draw the cartoons of an elephants. In the market, people earn a handsome amount while creating the character of an elephant.

Cute Drawing elephant:

 The baby of an elephant is the cutest animal that exists on this Earth. You can also draw a cute drawing elephant that you see on the television or in the zoo. Children have great fun in creating the sketch of an elephant. They do not waste in other bad activities.

Pencil drawing elephant:

Did you know that you can build an elephant through your pencil also? The pencil drawing elephant is easy for the beginners because you can easily erase it and try many times unless you get the perfect image.

Drawing elephant simple:

In schools and parents teach their child to make the sketch of an elephant simple. As the kids are innocent and do not know the professional art work so they should start drawing elephant simple.

Drawing of elephant with color:

When you perfectly draw the sketch of an elephant you need to color the elephant. The drawing of an elephant with color totally depends upon the kids, whatever color they want to fill in the elephant and after some time teach them the correct color of an elephant. Visit our YouTube channel

Drawing an elephant step by step:


 You can easily create the drawing of an elephant by following step top step sequence. you should not skip any step that we discuss in the below.


In the first step draw the head of a cute elephant, then draw the trunk of an elephant as shown below in the image.

elephant  drawing easy

Step 2:

Start from the same point where you left, now start making two tusks and one eyes of an easy drawing elephant. Then make an ear as shown in the below image for drawing the cute elephant.

elephant  drawing for kids

Step 3:

Start from the head and stretch the line to make the tail, then draw the two legs on the right side and two legs on the left side as shown in the below image.

elephant  drawing pencil

Step 4:

In the fourth step, draw the design of your own choice and fill in the face and trunk of the elephant as shown in the below image.

elephant drawing realistic

Step 5:

In the last step, you start making the toes of the simple drawing elephant.

elephant drawing colour

TO conclude, you need to follow this step to make the cute, simple and pencil drawing elephant.  The sequence should be the same otherwise you will create the mass and will be difficult for you to build the sketch of an elephant. To sum up the following image should be built: You may like rabbit drawing

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