How To Draw Easy Drum Drawing Step By Step For Kids

Drums are found to be the  oldest type of percussion musical instrument when we peek into the past musical industry. The oldest Chinese rituals and religious practices used Drums in them around 5500 BC. These drums were named “Dong Son Drums” made up of metal alloys like bronze. In contrast to today’s modern drums, the Dong Son Drums were just like metal cylinders with no particularly effective sound notes. But they were still used during army parades and the religious dragon parades during the New Year’s celebrations. 

The Modern Drums are Much Developed and are of Various Kinds Such As :

  1. Bongo Drums
  2. Timpani Drums
  3. Drums with Cymbals
  4. Djembe or jembe
  5. Tom Tom Drum
  6. Jazz Drums


The drums produce different sounds on the basis of different variables used in playing music on the Drum. For example, the beaters used may be of various types like soft-headed, hard wooden sticks, brushes, or many others. Similarly, the frequency of playing the drum decides the running speed of the music whether the rhythm is fast or slow. The amplitude of hitting the drums decides how loud the sound will be. The type of membrane materials used in the construction of the drum and the metal of the shell also makes a significant contribution to the music note produced. The last factor is the pitch of the drum, the higher the pitch the more shrill would be the sound produced.

Interesting Facts About Drums:

Here are a few interesting facts about drums and drum beating:

  • Drums have been a part of musical therapies for stressed and overworked humans. This is because the drum beating initiates the process of lessening the production of stress hormones in our body.
  • During ancient times, when long-distance fast communication was not possible, the people used to beat drums in order to convey the news to far-off places. The different drum notes delivered different symbolic news.
  • Drums have been part of wars since they were beaten by the drummers to keep the enthusiasm of the soldiers at high levels.
  • Drumming is such a wonderful musical activity that it enrolls all four limbs of the body in the process.
  • The drums that are played with foot paddles are also a part of the music industry. Such drums usually are paired up with symbols so the player uses arm limbs to play cymbals and the feet to play the paddles.
  • Drummers use brushes instead of the rubber heads on the drum sticks to produce soft sounds.

Why Do children Need to Draw a Sketch or a Drawing of a Drum Set?

Most children love playing musical instruments in their music period in school or at home. They do love having small musical instrument toys in their toys collection like drums, piano flute, and guitar.  They may wish to draw the different musical instruments’ pictures by hand in their drawing project. Or while studying the construction of drums, they may try to make it in their science notebook.  Apart from this, all kids are curious to draw and try new painting specimens. So, the drum may be one of them as well. Get your kid to this page and let him learn the exact and easy drum drawing.

Why Do Parents and Teachers Need to Learn Easy Drum Drawing?

All Steps of drum drawing

It is not wondrous to say that almost all the art teachers and parents know to draw a drawing of the drum. But the problem begins when they don’t know an easy method to teach it to their kids or pupils. In order to have perfection in drawing an easy drawing of the drum, the parents and teachers should learn to draw an easy drum drawing. Here, not only do the school kids know to learn the easy drawing of the drum in a few steps. 

What Items Do We Need to Draw the Drum Drawing in the Stepwise Process?

The items and stationery needed to draw a drum drawing are mentioned below:

  • A sharp pencil
  • An eraser
  • A paper sheet or drawing book
  • A clipboard or hardboard
  • A set of marker colors
  • A set of pencils with different shades of black
  • colored pencils box
  • A black liner pen
  • A sharpener for pencils

How to Draw an Easy Drawing of the Drum in Simple and Easy Steps?

The easy Drum Drawing in simple steps can be absorbed in the few steps given below:

Step 1

Drum Drawing starts by drawing the drum sticks or the beaters with rubber heads. Draw two vertically straight lines and then put a rubber head over it at one end and close the other end. Repeat the step for both sticks.

Drum Drawing for kids

Step 2

Step two is to draw the top of the drum that is the membrane. Make a circular disc and show the thickness by the height of two side parallel lines. 

Drum Drawing with colour

Step 3:

This step focuses on the body of the drum. From the two vertical lines of the disc, extend two lines vertically downwards. Then draw the bottom boundary of the drum by drawing two curves at the end.

easy Drum Drawing

Step 4

Step four shows the simple design making on the drum by drawing a zig-zag pattern. Draw the zig-zag pattern starting from the left side, zigzagging up and down and ending at the right side bottom corner. 

If your kid feels it difficult to draw a direct zig ag pattern, he may switch to an alternative method. Draw three complete triangles and two half triangles of equal height at both ends. The zig-zag design is ready.

drum set drawing

Step 5:

Pick up the color box. Select colors of your choice. In the given picture, we have selected blue and yellow to fill up the shell of the drum body. Color the shell in this step. Then color the drum sticks with the same two colors in wood and the rubber head. It will give continuity and symmetry to the shades of the drum.

Drum Kit Drawing

Step 6:

Now pick two other colors like green and pink. Fill the curved edge lines of the shell in green and the membrane of the drum in pink. The drum drawing is ready to be viewed finally. 

Drum Drawing illustration


To draw an amazing Timpani Drum drawing of your own, read out the whole procedure listed above. Choose the colors that you like and make the drum drawing look super attractive. Keep practicing to gain proficiency in drawing an easy drum. Invite your friends, younger siblings, and cousins to make a drum drawing with you. Plus if you want access to such amazing ideas of drawings, follow us and visit our website regularly. You may also like iron man drawing

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