How to Draw Cute Dog and Cat Easy Drawing For Kids Step By Step

Dog and Cat are most lovely pet animals. They are not only pretty and cute but also not dependent, curious, and beneficial but also are wonderful life longing companions. Cats and dogs have a solid body, speedy reflexes, spiky teeth, swivel claws, and a larger tail. They are very loyal to their owner very but are moody sometimes. They show reactions when you talk to them and are shows a perfection. 

Facts About Dog and Cat:

  1. The nose print of dogs and cats are much like a human fingerprint.
  2. Dogs and cats are not color blinded animals.  
  3. House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers.
  4.  Dogs and cats can taste sweet, salty and bitter. 
  5. The whiskers on a cat are cute.

Cat and Dog Drawings Cute:

Children are very much excited to draw the sketches of cats and dogs because according to them these are very prettiest pet animals. These are very interesting characters to draw.

Dog and Cat Drawings Easy:

The drawing of cats and dogs is not time consuming. If a person who is master in drawing can sketch a cat and dog in minimum time. But a kid takes more time in drawing at beginning.

Dog and Cat Drawing for Children:

The drawing of cats and dogs is very famous for kids. They feel free and happy while sketching cats and dogs. The drawings of cats and dogs is special for kids.

Dog and Cat Cartoons:

Cartoons of cats and dogs are very famous in children. People are earning a lot of money by creating the animations of cats and dogs because kids have a very keen interest to see the cats and dogs’ funny fight.

Cats and Dog’s Fight:

Cats and dogs have a very funny fight between them. Kids are very much interested while drawing fighting dogs and cats.

How to Draw Cute Dog and Cat:

In order to draw the cute dog and cat you have to follow the following steps which are discussed with the images also. You will comprehend everything better if you use photos. 

Step 1:

First of all, you have a clear picture of a cat and a dog to make a sketch in your minds. You have to remember from where to start and where you’ll end. Begin by drawing a dog’s ears and head, as well as the outline of its front body. You have to become very much careful for your cool drawing lines. After you’ve drawn a shape of a dog’s ears and torso, finish the first stage by creating a dog’s face.

How to Draw Cute Dog and Cat Easy

Step 2:

 After drawing a shape of dog’s ears and head also with its front body shape then you have to draw its back body. In this step you have to remember that the is positioned in sitting shape. You have to start curve from back ear to left side by spreading it to make whole body.  With the passage of every line, you will be able to understand that your drawing will consume less time. Your second step is completed after drawing body. 

dog and cat drawing for kids

Step 3:

After completing body of dog, you have to start for cat from left side.

Draw a line from right side but remember it should be placed near left side of dog’s body. Now place it from right to left and make a double curve which should be U shaped and connecting with each. These should be upward. Now continue drawing and make a right side of face of cat. 

Step 4:

Now continue from last point of line for cat and make a curve in you shape to make a right ear of cat. Continue this line with a half circle and attach it body of dog.

Now attach a curve to make the left ear of cat on half circled line which was head. Now the front body of cat with head is prepared. 

How to Draw Cats and Dogs Cute and Easy

Step 5:

After completing the front body of cat, you have to start that line which was attached with the body of dog. Now draw that line and take it to the right side of cat’s head. It should make a circle in the cat’s and dog’s body.

This circle would have dual effects because it would make both animal’s back side of body complete. Now the body of both animals is prepared.

How to draw cute cartoon dog and cat

 Dog’s and Cat Sketch:

If you want to download the sketch of cat and dog, it is possible for you but I would recommend you to draw it by yourself because in this way you will be able to learn a lot of fun with these drawings. We know that both animals are enemies of each other but when we make them sketch it would be very amazing. 

This article will make you a practical person for making the drawings of cat and dog. It contains all the steps to learn drawing from basic level. These steps are very beneficial for kids and for those persons who start it from beginning. With the help of pencil kids can draw the sketches of cat and dog by following these steps. You may Also like Leaf Drawing

dog and cat drawing
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