How To Draw Easy Diamonds Drawings in 5 Steps


Diamond is found to be the hardest material in the whole world. Beneath the Earth’s crust, pressurized for thousands of years, the special conditions give birth to diamonds. Diamonds are called an allotropic form of carbon and may slowly switch to the other allotrope of the carbon called Graphite. Diamonds are the salient parts of pieces of jewelry all over the world. Due to the nice look, lovely appearance, heart touching beauty, the diamonds find the featured place in wedding and engagement rings.

Diamonds are electrical insulators but they are good ones for heat. Pure Diamonds are colorless or white; the presence of impurities in diamonds is responsible for bringing color to diamonds. The diamonds we see in real may be colorful like yellow, green, white and brown, etc. are colored due to impurities like elements( boron, radiations, nitrogen, etc). Some impurities may also cause Diamond contamination. Moreover, the five Cs determine the quality of the pure diamonds which are listed below:

  1. Cut
  2. Color
  3. Clarity
  4. Carrot weight
  5. Certificate

Certification is the grading system of the diamonds based on their quality. The experts recommend that people should buy certified diamonds always. The diamonds are assigned a certification number that saves a diamond from the risk of theft or loot. Even if it is lost in a robbery, a diamond can be recovered by police when a thief tries to sell it. However, the lost or robbed diamonds are sold on the black market and years take to recover a lost diamond.

Significance of Diamonds in Drawing:

While drawing and sketching a kid may need to draw or sketch the Diamonds. Also to show different scenes of the cartoon animations the diamonds play a paramount role. Hundreds of art teachers find it hard to make their pupils learn the diamond drawing. In fact, the step-by-step diamond drawing everyone wants is available here on cool drawing ideas. Not only this the kids may absorb the sketch drawing, and multi-color diamond drawing and the 3D drawing is now, easy to learn.

Interesting Facts About Diamonds:

  1. A diamond that looks brand new and fancy is millions and trillions of years old. That material has been aging for years under pressure and temperature.
  2. All the materials and stones are composed of different elements but the diamonds have only one part as the whole composition. This is what we called Carbon. If a diamond has more than one component, it may look colored or degraded.
  3. Diamonds are synthesized via machinery just like they are produced naturally.
  4. Diamonds have lots of different shades and color varieties.
  5. Research work on the planet says that there is a planet in the universe that has been composed of one-third part of diamonds only and the rest is made of carbon only.
  6. Diamonds which are thought to be the hardest materials in the world can be brittled with one right-inclined hit. 
  7. Natural diamonds are not as abundant as people consider them to be. One diamond out of millions is natural while the others are synthetic.

Stepwise 3D realistic Diamond Drawing with illustrator:

All Steps of diamond drawing

The easy realistic drawing of the diamond via digital apps like illustrator is absolutely a piece of cake.  Identify the steps with two different colors at each step. The previous steps are brought up with black lines and newer ones with blue steps. Try to match patterns correct and fill with lots of colors you have in profusion. Lo and behold , your drawing with Illustrator is jst awesome!

Easy Step By Step 3D Diamond Drawing for Kids by Hand:

The easy and stepwise realistic drawing of the Diamond can be perceived with the following easy steps:

Step 1:

The easy diamond drawing by hand starts by drawing a pentagonal closed figure with different lengths on all sides.  A pointed end on the bottom and the four sides on top with variable lengths. Two sides incline over the one horizontal side on top and a V on the bottom.  Make sure you incline the sides with equal length and angles so that there may be dawn two horizontally parallel lines from both ends at an angle of straight 180.

Make the drawing as shown in the figure and match it with the picture given for step 1.

How to Draw A Diamond – A Step by Step Guide

Step 2:

In the previous step, we drew the outline of the diamond making the sides perfectly sequenced.  In the next step, we are going to make the 3D structure of the diamond top and try to match the pattern exactly according to the figure. However, if you cannot exactly match the patterns, you may even draw the zig-zags twice in opposite lanes. But before this, you can draw a straight plus sign in the middle and start the zig-zag later. 

Here is another alternative method to draw the second step. Just follow up the following steps:

  1. Draw a plus sign in middle with a horizontal line at end of sided inclined lines, and then a perpendicular line in the middle.
  2. Now, from the intersection of two lines in the middle, make a V letter by drawing two V arms towards opposite sides until they hit the top face of the diamond.
  3. Now you are left with two spaces on right and left of the two V arms. 
  4. Mark three points on the lower line with equal space on both sides of V.
  5. Now on these lines draw an M on both sides, such that both the Ms have the one arm on the V tip. 
  6. Last but not the least, draw the inverted V  on both Ms, such that the Vcorner touches the top horizontal tip of the diamond.
  7. And your 3D patterns are ready!
How to Draw a Diamond Anyone Can Do this

Step 3:

Step 2 teaches you to draw an excellent pattern for the top of the diamond. Now let us see the pattern exhibited on the lower cone. You have been probably finding the diamond drawing a little fun and more hard work. But it’s quite easy from now on.

The lower cone can be embellished with 3D patterns by drawing cones side by side to give a fine look to the diamond.  The 3D lines show the beautiful cuts of the diamond the crystal possesses.

How to Draw a Diamond Super Easy

Step 4:

You have completed the 3D cuts and design a realistic diamond should have. It is time now, to have the colors!

Pick up the color box and start coloring. You have in front of you, lots of triangles and cones with closed figures. Use multi-colored pencils to make up the 3D patches look even lovelier. Make sure you do not repeat colors on the triangles with the same attachments.  However, you may repeat colors after regular intervals. Look how dashing the top of the diamond looks now.

How to Draw a Diamond Easy Step by Step

Step 5:

Lastly, you have to make the cone filled with colors. Tyr to again make the lower cone filled with an attractive variety of colors. Your diamond drawing is ready to be viewed.

Diamond Drawings  Cool Drawings Ideas

Step By Step Sketching of 3D Multi-Colored Diamond:

The easy drawing of the realistic diamond is completed. If you, if want to draw a diamond sketch you can follow up on steps 1 to step 3.  The sketching will ask you to make shades with different shades of dark and light pencils. Also, you must darken the boundary of the diamond with all the patterns engraved on the paper with the darkest pen you have. This will give another quality level of look to your sketch. You may also like Eye Drawing


The simple and 3D drawing and sketching in five distinct steps are given in above. Use the guidelines mentioned with the steps and try to have a perfect glance. If you are an art mentor try this with a couple of students or your juniors so that you may attain the real fun and amazement.  Share your experience with us and invite your friends and students to cool drawings to have more.

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