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How to Draw A Simple Unique Cockroach Drawing For Kids Step by Step

Cockroaches are an old group of animals, meeting back about 290 million years before man evolved. They have violated evaluation and remained largely untouched for more than 300 million years. Its names approach from Spanish word cucaracha, when we explain in English this word become as Cock roach.

In Australia, the huge cock roach exist, that can reach 3.5 inches in length and mass more than 1.1 oz. It was discovered that 4500 different types of species of cock roach are present. From 4500 species 30 % are found in human place while 5% are found in pets. In our surroundings, the existences of cock roach are for many years. Different species of cock roach that are alive are over 4000 and the mainly present in US.

It is mainly exist in building and homes because they needed warm surroundings for their food and water. The commonly disease that are present in kids due to the biting of cock roach are allergies, asthma attack etc. It mainly attacks kids and increase bacteria also. You may also like cat and dog drawing

Some Amazing Facts About Cockroach:

  • They exist from the time when dinosaurs were present in the world.
  • For a month if cock roach do not have food stuff it can survive without food.
  • The supply of water does not exist he can live without water for two weeks.
  • The female cock roach can give birth to child for whole if she assistant once.
  • If the head of a cock roach destroy, it can survive over one week.
  • Cock roach has a power to stop their breathing for 40 minutes.
  • In one hour, cockroach can cover 3 miles.

There are many kinds of cockroaches that are in the followings:

  1. American cockroach
  2. Brown banded cockroaches
  3. German cockroaches
  4. Oriental cock roaches

Let’s discuss shortly about the kinds of cock roaches.

American Cockroach:

These types of cockroaches are the largest cockroach in the houses. American cock roach are not occurring in only US but also exist in Africa. They live in hot weather

Brown Banded Cockroaches

 This type of cock roach is known as brown banded cock roach because of the two brown bands on its body. They lay eggs and conceal their inside or outside the furniture.

German Cockroaches:

 These types of cockroaches are present all around the world. In US, they exist in large amount as the suits them.

Oriental Cockroaches:

 These types of cock roaches are occurred in Africa and the oriental was given to them because they are trade on ships. They are different from other in the sense of size. They are the largest insect in cock roach.


  • Make sure your home and building should dirt free, free from dust than cock roaches will not found in your homes.
  • The eating products should also be neat.

How to Draw Cockroach Drawing Easy Step by Step:

  In this article we are going to discuss easy and simple method to construct the sketch of cock roach. There are 5 easy steps to draw a realistic cock roach.


 In the first step, we will try to make the head of the coach roach. First draw an oval shape, above the oval shape make the head in the shape of semi-circle. After making the head draw two antennas of a realistic cock roach. The outline of antennas should be doubled of the simple cockroach. You can take the help from the image that is given for your guidance.

cockroach drawing and labelling


 After completing the head and antennas of the step-by-step cock roach, the next step is to draw a big oval shape that represent the body of the simple cock roach. After completing the body, the next step is to draw two fore legs of the realistic cock roach. It should not be straight, should have some curves and sharp too. The below sketch will provide proper guidance to make the sketch as describing in the words.

cockroach drawing simple


 After completing the second step now moving towards the third step, in this step draw the mid leg. It should in the middle of the cockroach and do not forget to double the line of the easy cock roach. Then draw the two styluses at the end of the body, you need to make stylus separately and should be double line. You can understand properly when you see the image given below for your better understanding.

cockroach drawing cartoon

Step 4.

  In the fourth step, draw another oval inside the big oval, after that in the head; draw the face, mouth and two eyes of the pencil cock roach. In the middle of the inner oval draw a small semi-circle. After completing this draw, a pointed curve that is attached with the head and coming out from the head. Look at the image at is given below to you for your convenient. 

cockroach drawing easy

Step 5.

 In the fourth step you have completed almost. In the last and final step, you need to furnish everything, Draw the small lines on the six legs in order to make it realistic cock roach. Finally, you have completed the drawing of easy cock roach.

cockroach drawing pencil drawing

Cockroach Drawing Color

cockroach drawing color

Step 6:

In the 6 step you need, you need to color the cock roach as shown in the diagram. You can use the colors of your own choice too. The color makes your image attractive and realistic. Coloring is an art and one should learn how to color the particular image.

To sum up, the following are the six steps that will help you construct the realistic cock roach. Do

how to draw cockroach step by step

Easy Cockroach Drawing:

 Cockroach drawing is easy if you pay little more attention you will easily draw the image of the cockroach.

Cockroach Drawing Simple:

 Cock roach drawing is simple and you can learn the shapes and dimension through this drawing.

Cockroach Drawing Color:

Cock roach drawing with colors, you can use many colors of your own choice but the colors use in this article make the cock roach realistic in its respect.

Cockroach Drawing Cartoon:

Cockroach drawing cartoons are also simple for the experts. They are earning a lot by making the cockroach as a cartoon character. Children love to watch cartoon characters.

Cockroach Pencil Drawing:

 You can draw cock roach with pencil as well.  In the start try to make it with pencil because if you conduct some mistake, you can easily erase it with eraser.

How to Draw a Realistic Cockroach:

You can draw a realistic cock roach. It will be very easy to draw the real image by adding pencil colors, paints or poster colors. It wills portrait the exact image related to truth.

 I hope this article will surely help you to construct the easy, simple and realistic sketching of cock roach. For Further Visit Our YouTube Channel

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