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Cheetah Drawing is popular drawing .A cheetah is the largest animal on the planet earth that can run with maximum speed among all land animals. According to the National Geographic research on Cheetahs, it has been revealed that they can run at a speed of nearly 60-70 km per hour. They live in jungles, deserts, and grasslands where they can camouflage themselves in the dry grasses and the muddy earth. They camouflage themselves in order to attack at right time on their prey.

The cheetahs are also considered excellent hunters. Their fast, active, and brisk movements do not let their prey escape from them. A cheetah is extra energetic when he’s hungry and he can fight with very strong animals for prey. They never scavenge the prey means they don’t eat the decomposed, old, and already dead meat but in very rare and pathetic conditions. They are carnivorous and possess a very unique and amazing set of canines that rasp the flesh. Also, they have semi-retractable claws that add to the learning and cutting function of the claws with their sharp nails.

They are sometimes placed in the category of Big Cats, but since they cannot roar, they are sometimes excluded by some taxonomists. They can creep trees like big cats and are often found resting over the trees. They don’t live in groups but sometimes they form a herd and travel. They have a very beautiful pattern of black-colored straps on their slim body that give them a unique and wonderful look.  Also, it is their color patterns that make perfect camouflage for them. You may also like gorilla drawing

Interesting Facts About Cheetah:

  • There are less than 7000 cheetahs in the world that are simply a threat to extinction by WWF.
  • The tail of the Cheetahs ends with a round dip in paint-like design. The designs of the other body part stretch outwards starting from mid.
  • The Cheetah lives in habitats that are 38000 square miles up. 
  • They can increase their speed from zero to 60 kilometers per hour within 3 seconds.
  • Some Cheetahs run at the rate of 70 km per hour, but they cannot maintain this for much time. 

Cheetah Drawing:

As the Cheetah is one of the most prominent jungle animals, kids may wish to draw a cheetah in their drawing books. If you are an art teacher, your little pupils may request you to draw a Cheetah for them. Also, you can draw a beautiful and cute Cheetah on the walls of your house’s kids’ room or classroom.  Also, you can draw a Cheetah as your kid’s favorite animal. The cheetah drawing, after you learn it from here, will never be that easy. 

How can I Draw a Step-by-Step Drawing of a Cute Cheetah for Kids?

How to Draw cheetah drawing Sitting

Here, in the mentoring of Cool Drawing Ideas for kids, you can easily read out the step-by-step drawing of a cute Cheetah in your drawing book. Also, after reading the full article, you will be able to teach the one to your kids or students in easy steps. 

What are the steps to draw a step-by-step easy and cool Cheetah Drawing?

Before you go get started make sure you have the following materials with you:

  • A clean sheet of white plane paper
  • A pencil
  • A color pencil box
  • Poster colors box
  • Glitter colors or glitters
  • An eraser
  • A clipboard
  • Tissue paper and cotton buds
  • A sharpener
  • A sheet of butter paper

The steps for an easy drawing of a Cheetah are listed below:

Step 1:

Make a simple outline of the lower trunk of the Cheetah, with the tail and front legs.

cheetah drawing For Kids

Step 2:

Draw the head first, then put two round ears, with a double outline. Now stretch a boundary between the upper and lower end of the face of the Cheetah. Make sure to make whiskers of the Cheetah to give a more unique look. 

cheetah drawing Cute

Step 3:

It’s time to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the Cheetah. draw little eyeballs in eyes with smaller circles in them and nose on the power d shaped part. Now, draw the mouth cavity and a small little tongue in the mouth cavity. Put two small canines in the upper jaw space. Remember, canines are actually the pointed teeth a carnivorous has in his teeth set. Draw two little double curved lines above the eyes to mention eyebrows.

cheetah drawing Face.

Step 4:

Draw out spots on the body of the Cheetah in the shape of small circles and semi-circles. Put the lines on the front legs to draw paws as shown in the figure. Repeat the procedure for the hind legs. Leave a round spot at the end of the tail. 

cheetah drawing Realistic

Step 5:

The most important part of drawing starts now. Get the color box and color the figure as per mentioned. Color the tongue and ear space pink, the body mustard orange. 

cheetah drawing Easy

Step 6:

Now, pick a lighter shade of pink color and draw it in all the left space. Then color out all the spots as black to complete the drawing. Use tissue paper or cotton buds to homogenize your colors and shades

How to Draw a cheetah running


The amazing Cheetah Drawing, when learned step-by-step with our “cool drawing ideas”, makes the time superconductive, interesting, and dedicated. The beautiful cheetah attracts you and insists you to get a try. Learn it and try them with the art students if you have any. 

How to paint a beautiful Cheetah in the drawing book?

Draw the drawing as per advised till steps 1 to 4. But use the poster colors, instead of the pencil color to enjoy a beautiful painted Cheetah

How to sketch a beautiful Cheetah for kids in a drawing book?

 Take out shades of different lead pencils in your pencil case. Draw the outer sketch with a darker pencil. Then use a relatively lighter shade to give a hue to others.  Remember to place butter paper in the fold of the drawing book for sketching and drawing. So, they may not merge into each other. 

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