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cat and dog Drawing are the most famous character. They are so famous in pets that people use these characters as pet for making money. People try to paint these characters so cutely so that they can sale these character at high process. now a days people are drawing and painting dog and cat together. Children also enjoy and feel pleasant whiling drawing the sketch of cat and dog painting, 

It was observed that when you try to make the painting of the dog and cat it seemed to look the same, but there is a far difference between both of them. Here we discuss some differences about eyes, nose and moustaches that will surely help you to recognize the image or drawing of the cat and dog.

Cat and Dog Drawing Cute:

Children are very excited to draw the outline of dog and cat because the cat and dog are the cutest character for them. They see them fighting in different cartoon so they desire to draw by themselves.

Cat and dog drawing easy:

The drawing of cat and dog consume less time to build up. If some expert is drawing, he can draw the sketch of cat and dog easily, but if a child draws, he may consume more time but with practice he may build up quickly and easily.

Cat and Dog Drawing for Kids:

The drawing of cat has achieved much fame in kids. They feel happy to sketch the image of the cat. The drawing of cats is made for kids specially.

Cat and Dog Cartoons:

People has built the cartoons of cat and dog, through these characters they are earning a lot as children are very interested in these characters.

Cat and Dog Sketch:

You can make the sketch of the dog and cat quickly. With the help of the sharp pencil, you can sketch the characters of the dog and cat perfectly.

How to Draw the Cute Cat and Dog Drawing Step by Step:

In order to draw the cute dog and cat you need to follow the following steps that we are going to discuss with the images also. With the help of images, you can understand more properly. You may also like Dog Drawing


In order to draw the sketch of the cat and dog, first you need to start making the back of the cat and tail of the cat as shown in the sketch. Don’t stop the pencil once you start drawing draw the tail. and back together.

Follow the same pattern like first make the semi-circle and double it and then move to draw a curve and come downwards. It will be easy to draw the cat and dog sketch.

cat and dog drawing cartoon


In the second step of drawing the cat for kids, draw feet of the cat and stretch upward to draw the face of the cute cat when it’s done perfectly draw the ears as shown in the sketch of the dog and cat below. Keep in view the difference of the eyes of the cat and dog and carefully construct the two ears of the cat. you can also draw the face in order to make your drawing attractive.

dog and cat drawing easy

Step 3:

In the second step where you stop start making from the same line first make the curve downward and then make another curve upward. On the left side of the image draw the face of the dog. You will able to get the image as shown below.

dog and cat drawing cute

Step 4:

In the fourth step, start from there where you left and draw the face and ears of the dog. keep in mind the difference between the dog and cat that is discussed above in the description

dog and cat drawing sketch

Step 5:

After sketching the ears, draw the head of the dog and move download and make the curve stretching downward and make the tail towards the floor as shown in the below image.

simple dog and cat drawing

To conclude, you need to follow all these steps in sequence to draw the sketch of the cat and dog drawing.

simple dog and cat drawing

Cat and Dog Sketch:

You can also download the cat and dog sketch but when you draw it by yourself you will have a lot of fun in drawing the sketch of the cat and dog. Although they are considered to be the enemies of each other but when we make the sketch of the cat and dog it looks amazing.

This article will help you to make the drawing of dog and cat practical. It contains the steps that will help you to learn how to draw the drawing of the cat and dog. These steps are beneficial for those who has recently started to draw animals like cat and dog. Kids can easily draw the drawing of the cat and dog with the help of pencil. Our website is trying to help the starter and kids to draw any animal with the help of this article. So, quickly follow our website and start making the drawing of the cat and dog animals and many others.

Drawing Is Popular All Over The World

Cats have been famous for many years all over the world. But when we see the cat as domestic animal, it is not as much honest and obedient as the dog. This is a bit selfish kind of is a pretty and cute animal. That is quite similar to tiger but very tiny. It has round head and body is covered with fur. It has four legs and sharp claws in paws. Cats have strong power of sight; it can see things clearly on dark nights. It also posses the good sense of hearing. People consider cat as a useful animal as it help to kill the mouse present in our homes, but some people do not like them because it causes many disease also.

If we talk about dog it is also a domestic animal and has the features like eyes, nose, tail, teeth and legs. It is very useful, intelligent and sharp minded animal. It has the power to run very fast, barks loudly and save from the enemies. You can see dog all around the world in different colors like black, white brown, grey and red.  Dog most famous quality is the smelling sense. A dog helps to investigate any case if the thief was not caught. Dogs are used for the protection of houses as well.

In this article, we discuss about the features of dogs and cats. When you start drawing you will also learn about its features as well. I hope this article will be useful for you .Check this Chanel

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