Cartoon Drawings

Cartoon drawing is a form of illustration characterized by exaggerated and humorous expressions, bright colors, and a characters’ overall appearance. Cartoons are also known as comics or comic strips because they can be created as a single panel or a series of panels. Cartoon drawing is a fun way to pass the time for professional artists and amateurs alike. While artists usually draw cartoons to express their thoughts about the world, comics don’t always have to be funny or satirical. The word “cartoon” comes from the Italian word “carton,” which means “strong paper.” The term was first used in the mid-1500s and referred specifically to heavy paper used for preliminary drawings. Today, cartoon drawing has evolved into its art form with many different style and methods.

Cartoon drawing is a type of drawing that uses simplified shapes, colors, and lines to create an easily-recognizable character. Cartoon drawings are usually used in projects for kids, such as colorings books, flashcards, and animated series. In a world where everything is 3D, it’s nice to see the simple 2D cartoons we grew up with. You don’t need decorative equipment or a degree in computer animation to make your own cartoons. All you need is a pencil and paper. Some are the steps for cartoon drawing: Before you start drawing, think of an idea for your cartoon. Once you have your idea, figure out what will be in the cartoon and how you want it to look. Draw the background first. It can be as simple or complex as you like but keep it simple if this is your first cartoon. When drawing a 2D character for your cartoon, think about how much detail you want in them. A simple head and body are enough for most comics. Draw their face first, eyes on top of the head and nose and mouth.