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How To Draw Cartoon Drawing Step by Step for Kids

The cartoon is a sketch which is present in our imagination. Usually, cartoons present witty drawings. First of all, we are very familiar that cartoons are very famous in children. Some of the cartoons are also famous in adults. Human cartoon sketches and objects can be drawn by anyone if he has a clear imagination in his mind. Types and regions are also matter with the styles of cartoons. The drawing of cartoon also depends upon the person’s age and interest which clearly define his curiosity.

 Drawing a human cartoon is basic step for drawing. But the beginners think that drawing of human is very difficult. Cartoon drawing needs very much intention on every step. Cartoons shows emotions in each step of drawing. Now you have to catch these emotions in your mind and put it on paper. Firstly you have to think what will the most attractive thing in the drawing of cartoon. Then imagine a scaling which would be helpful for drawing.

Facts About Cartoon:

  1.  A cartoons is always an imaginary picture or expression.
  2.  Cartoons are often refer to several forms of art which include captioned illustrations.
  3.  Many people consider the cartoons a part of their lives whether these are in animation or print form.
  4.  The emphasis of cartoon drawings is always on humorous and entertaining.
  5.  Some cartoons are so entertaining that people of all age enjoys these cartoons.
  6. Cartoons are extensively used to comment on the issues of society.
  7. Cartoons are preparatory drawings which are piece of art.
  8. Cartoons are illustrations which are the first forms of editorial cartoons.

Cartoons Drawings for Kids:

The drawing of cartoons like tom and jerry has its own place in the hearts of kids. They entertain while sketching cartoons. The drawings of cartoons is specially for kids.

Cartoon Drawings Cute:

Children are very much excited to draw the sketches of sketches because according to them these are very   humorous sketches in this world.

These are very interesting characters like Tom and jerry to draw.

Cartoons Drawings Simple:

The drawing of cartoons is not so much time wasting. If a person who is master in drawing can sketch a funny cartoon in minimum time limit. But a kid takes more time in drawing at beginning but with the passage of time it will be easy.

Animations of Cartoons:

Animations of cartoons like Tom and Jerry are very famous in children. People earn a lot of money by creating the 3D animations of cartoons because kids have a very keen interest to see the cartoons animations.

Cartoon Drawings Funny:

Many cartoons are very funny and humorous thus these are entertaining sketches.

Cartoon Drawings ideas:

Cartoons are totally imaginary sketches which are arise in our minds. Thus we catch this imagination on papers.

How to Draw a Cartoon:

 If you are curious for imaginary picture of cartoon drawing, then it’s the better place for you. To draw a cartoon, it is an exciting way for beginners. Because the cartoon is the humorous sketch. So it will be fun to draw a cartoon for a beginner to start. Also, it is not creative to draw a cartoon because catching a cartoon on paper is a difficult step. You have to remember in your mind of skills like observing. In order to draw the cartoon you have to follow the following steps which are discussed with the images also.

Step 1:

First of all, you have a clear picture of a cartoon in your minds because it is an imaginary picture of minds. sitting on a stem of tree to make a sketch in your minds. Think an image in your mind about cartoon, then always remember a starting point because basic step help for clear drawing. Begin by drawing hair of cartoon by sketching more hairs on left side and little bit on right side. Draw it from left side and remember that there would be yellow colored hair.

cartoon drawing easy

Step 2:

 After drawing hair, now draw egg shaped face which should be larger in length and width. There will be used a skin color on face. Make two ears attached with face to left and right side of body.  Now you have to make two white circled eyes.

cartoon charecter drawing

Step 3:

After drawing the face of cartoon now you full eyes. For this step you have to put two dots on two white circled eyes. Draw a circle line for mouth and draw curve shaped nose. Draw two half lung shaped shirt under the face and a tie to make lower body.

cartoon drawing girl

Step 4:

Now you have to attach two curve shaped arms, one on left and one on right side. Draw a brown shaped pocket and black button on shirt.

cartoon drawing for kids

Step 5:

After completing the upper body of cartoon now draw blue colored jeans to make legs of cartoons. After making legs now draw two black shaped shoes to draw feet of cartoon.  Now a funny cartoon sketch is drawn.

cartoon drawing ideas.

Beautiful Cartoon Pictures For Drawing

cartoon drawing

  Cartoon Sketch:

It is possible for you to download the sketch of cartoons   but I would recommend you to draw it by yourself because in this way you will be able to learn a lot of fun with these drawings. We know that cartoons are funny and humorous. You may also like Bird Drawing

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