How To Draw Captain America Character Step By Step Guide For Kids

Captain America is a popular fictional character found in the comics created by Marvell Comics. This awesome character stepped into the world of comics by the book, Captain America # 1 released in 1941. Captain America survived n stories during wartime since his role was very similar to the soldier fighting in world war 2. For the three years 1951-1953, it was shorty dropped out and after that time it was re-released as the same old soldier and was loved twice. 

Captain America looks like a real superhero in the most beautiful costume and appearance. The uniform he wears is blue, white, and red, and carries a shield in his hand. The shield is the only weapon for him. He may swirl around to swap the enemies and keeps the defense with a shield in front of him. The shoes he wears, are long red leather shoes that perfectly match the uniform. 

As the time passed, Captain America, stepped one step ahead. He has been presented in many movies and cartoons. We all know the screen enhances glamour. So Captain America, has been known to be an internationally famous character with millions of fan followers. Nowadays, the kids love to watch this character, even after decades passed since his origin. It is evidence of how to hit and lovely the character is.

How can draw a cute Captain America drawing on the scrapbook or drawing book?

captain America drawing

The kids may be often asked in school to draw their favorite character from the media or comics. If they choose Captain America, they must know how to draw it. So here on our website” cool drawing ideas” we are uploading the complete step-by-step guide to cover even minor details of the drawing procedure. Go through this whole article f you want to know how a beautiful character Captain America, can be drawn in a Drawing Book, within a couple of minutes.

What are the materials I will require to draw a super cute Captain America Drawing ?

Here is the list of items you will need to collect before you start drawing it :

  • A set of colored pencils
  • A set of differently shaded lead pencils
  • An eraser
  • Sharpener
  • A clean paper sheet
  • Poster colors( red, white, and blue colors)
  • A color palette to mix colors
  • A cotton bud and a few tissue papers.

What is the step-by-step procedure to draw a cool and cute Captain America Drawing for kids?

Here, we give the complete step-by-step process with pictures so that it s very easy for you and your kids to learn:

Step 1:

First of all, you have to draw the shield Captain America holds in his hand for attack and defense. Draw out an outer elliptical 2D circular disc. For this draw, an outermost circle first, then draw a second one in that with space left between two in front and no space at back. Draw the third and fourth rim as well. Then draw a five-cornered star in the middle of the innermost circle.

Color the second rim red and the innermost circle blue except for the star. The star is left white her

How To Draw Captain america

Step 2:

 The next step is a little focusing. Draw the outer body physiology first keeping the shadow-like structure on the internet. The main points to draw are to draw the horn-like projections on top of the head and the shoe on one leg. Show a closed fist of Captain America’s outer sketch.

captain america drawing for kids

Step 3:

Make more projections on the head and draw a letter A in the middle of the head. The only other thing you can do is to color the shoe red.

captain america drawing realistic

Step 4:

After drawing an A on the forehead, draw the eyes very carefully and then the lower jaw to shape the mouth. Draw the belt of strapped eyes you may take their Draw a big white star in the center of the chest and let the ice go.

captain america drawing cartoon

Step 5:

Now, it’s time to touch them you wear shoes. . Make the shoes of the, it involves the drawing inner pattern on shoes, using and jumpsuit band character.

easy captain america drawing

Step 6:

Making the puzzle complete its resumes. You need to color the parts that are left now, according to the figure we presented. 

How To Draw Captain america Charecter Step By Step

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make my Captain America drawing more attractive?

Well, here are some tips:
Use a black marker to make the boundary. Take a cotton bud and merge the color lines that are formed during the drawing. Or use a tissue paper fold for this. Do not leave the drawing as it is in the drawing book. You have to put a butter paper before clothing his way.

How can I draw my Captain America drawing sketch?

Follow up the steps 1-6 but don’t use colors. Instead, take a set of pencils and use different shades to symbolize the different colors. A beautiful sketch is ready o be checked.

How can  I draw an excellent painting of my Captain America

Take the sketch without shading and use different poster colors to give your painting a splendid book. Frame it and hang it in your room.


Get the best guidance material for any kind of drawing especially Captain America. If you are a teacher you can find the most unique way of drawing Captain America drawing. Show it to your mentor when you are done with it. also, get the best ideas to make your kids learn the ideas the gamers C & D. Practice to make the drawing even perfect. You may also like Spiderman drawing

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