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Easy Butterfly Drawing Step By Step For Kids With Color  

Butterfly Drawing have three parts of the body: head, thorax, and abdomen, three paired jointed legs, compound eyes, and a segmented exoskeleton. They also have two pairs of scaly wings and two antennas. The wings of butterflies are the most famed part all over the world. The wings are made of thin material called chitin stretched between vein structures.

Birds are the most beautiful and bright insects that have many colors. There are many articles in which the step to draw a butterfly are discussed. This article will help you construct a cute and beautiful butterfly. The butterfly’s exciting and beautiful, pretty colors became the essential feature that fascinates you at once.

It was observed that the butterfly does not fly in cold weather. When you start drawing, you will be able to recognize the different shapes and structures, so drawing is an art that everyone wants to learn.

Some Facts About Butterfly for kids 

  • Butterflies play an essential role in pollinating vegetables and plants on Earth.
  • Butterflies are insects.
  • There are about 17500 different species of butterflies.
  • The front teeth of the butterflies help them to eat food properly.
  • They have different sizes and colors.
  • A butterfly has four parts: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
  • The wings of the butterflies are very colorful and made up of very tiny scales.

Some Fun Facts About Butterflies:

  • Their wings are transparent.
  • Butterfly can’t fly when they are cold.
  • They drink from mud puddles.
  • They live on a liquid diet.
  • Twenty thousand different species are present on this Earth.
  • The wings of butterflies move in a figure 8 motion
  • Butterflies vary in many sizes.

Supplies Needed to Draw a Butterfly:

  • Drawing pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Colors or paints

Drawing Butterfly Easy:

Children love butterfly because it has many colors. It is easy to draw for children.

Drawing butterfly Step By Step:

To sketch a butterfly, you should follow the step sequence. In the start, it will be difficult for you to make the perfect image, but when you practice, it will be easy to make it.

Drawing Butterfly with Colors:

You can use colors and paints to make your artwork come alive. It would help if you used your creativity to draw a unique butterfly. Following are the steps to draw a butterfly.

Drawing butterflies with Different Images:

You can draw images with different patterns depending upon your choice or follow the same pattern to draw the image of the butterfly.

Drawing Butterflies Fast and Easy:

It was observed that drawing a butterfly is quite an easy and fast way for children to do. They enjoy this activity by adding different colors to it.

Following are the steps with images to draw a butterfly that will help you construct the butterfly’s clear image.

easy butterfly Sketch with flowers

Steps For Butterfly Drawing Easy For Kids

Step 1. In the first step , draw the antenna of the butterfly as shown in the image.

butterfly drawing easy
Easy Butterfly Drawing

Step 2. In the second image draw the wings from the right side as you draw a flower and make a curve as shown in the image.

Unique butterfly drawing
Simple butterfly drawing

Step 3: From the curve start drawing the curve , making the line downwards and then again draw the curve as shown in the figure below.

Butterfly drawing For Kids
Butterfly Drawing Ideas

Step 4: In the fourth step try to make the similar wings as you have drawn on the right side make sure that it should be equal in manner.

butterfly drawing Simple

Step 5: in the end complete the wings of the butterfly and finally you have draw the butterfly .

butterfly realistic drawings


To conclude, so should follow these 5 steps to make the drawing of butterfly perfectly. This will help you build the drawing of an easy butterfly without any problem. If you are mature enough, you can do it by yourself if you follow the above steps keenly. I hope the steps provided are clear and have no ambiguity. What you need is to follow the pattern and guidance properly.

You can also download the beautiful images of the butterflies and can draw their sketch with your own choice. The drawing of butterflies is easy for children to sketch. They also enjoy coloring the butterfly because it contains many colors. You may also like Cat and Dog Drawing.

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Drawing Butterfly Simple:

You can draw a simple butterfly if you are a beginner. The difficult task in making a butterfly is to make the wings of a butterfly systematically, so whenever to try to draw a butterfly, be careful in making the wings of a butterfly equal. For Further Check our You tube Chanel

Drawing Butterfly with Paint:

You can also paint the butterfly with the help of paintbrush. But if you don’t have the paint, you can use the lead pencil to sketch the butterfly.

Importance of Butterfly:

Butterflies reflect the beauty of nature. Butterflies sketch making is easy and simple that every child can do with the help of their parents and teacher. What the teachers and parents need to do is to follow the steps that are discussed above.

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