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How to Make Easy Bored Ape Yacht Club Free Nft Art Step By Step


Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most popular drawings now a days. Nft meaning non-fungible token and nft art meaning digital assets that are unique collectible and non-transferrable. Nft art is a rare, creative, and unique design that is cannot be duplicated. How to create nft art, you can create trending nft art on your own as a nft artist if you are an expert in photoshop and illustrator.

After creating unique and rare art in photoshop and illustrator the question is how to sell nft art for free, For selling nft art you can sell it on nft art website as well as nft art marketplace in cryptocurrencies nft art financial that worth millions of dollars.

Robotic Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTS Art

This is the bored ape yacht club art in which a robot is standing. its face and body look like a computer. this robot has

a digital mouth, eyes, ear, blue hair on its head, and digital colorful lights on its cheeks that are so attractive. The body of this robot looks like a human body

that has a power button on its chest.

How To Make Bored Ape NFT?

Creating and having a Bored Ape nfts can give you access to a server same as with other owners, as well as free benefits like further tokens or NFTs

from the bored ape yacht club (BAYC). ApeCoin is an authority and utility token in the APE environment or ecosystem. Apecoin coinmarketcap purchasers use the token for authority.

ApeCoin crypto

Holders can suggest protocol changes and govern the token’s future. ApeCoin was given out to owners of the (BAYC) Bored Ape Yacht Club and

Mutant Ape Yacht Club through a declared airdrop. Anyone with an account on Coinbase or other crypto exchanges can also buy this ApeCoin.

For making a Bored Ape Creator Art first you need a basic character then you need to draw the following things,

1-Circle shape mouth

  Draw a mouth in a circle shape and put a light brown color on it.

2-Rectangular shape eye

  In the second step draw a rectangular shape box in which the corners are rounded and then put a dark grey color on it.

3-Oval shape ears

  In the third step draw oval shape ears on the robot’s face and give them a light brown color.

4-Blue straight hairs

  In the fourth step draw straight hair on the head of the robot and give it a blue color to them.

5-Six lights on cheeks

  In the next step draw small green and red color light dots on the cheeks of the robot.

6-Thin neck

  Then draw a thin neck between the head and body.

7-Power button on the chest

  In the 7th step draw a power button on the chest of the robot body.

8-Black coat

  Draw a black coat that covers the robot’s body.

9-Four finger curve hands

  In the last step draw hands with the four fingers and your bored ape robot nft art is read.

 How to make a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT FREE
Bored Ape Yacht Club

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