How to Draw Black Panther Face Drawing Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Black Panther has been the very energetic superhero of Marvel”, the famous American movie. Disney presented and published this throughout the electronic and print media. Since the character BLACK PANTHER is of prime importance, this one can be the most appealing selection for the drawing topic. Moreover, children in school may be asked to draw their favorite superheroes. Or they can select it to describe and write a review on Marvel. Whatever the need could be, the step-by-step sewing of the Black Panther’s full body at home.

 The black panther’s easy drawing is hundreds of times easier when you are having the amazing “cool drawings ideas”. Here, the complex designs of the panther’s face are pretty simple. Also, the step-by-step depiction and guidance of the drawing will help you get a good grasp of drawing a Black Panther. The black panther is no longer tough to draw with such cool assistance. Get through the whole article before you desire to draw a cool drawing of Pink Panther in your drawing book.

Facts About Black Panther:

  • The movie made such a big hit that it earned about 500 million dollars in the first week.
  • The movie with this black panther created racial discrimination.
  • The director of the movie had inspired by the Black Panther when he saw a similar character in his childhood.
  • The actual black panther (animal) is also a black, shiny, and brave animal with strong senses of seeing, smelling, and hearing. 

How to Draw an Easy and Simple Drawing of Black Panthers?

The cool drawing of the Black Panther needs special concentration because of the type and sensitivity of the art involved. The drawing will require certain materials:

  • A sharp tip lead pencil
  • A dark and dull tip lead pencil
  • Black marker
  • Pencil color black
  • A sheet of neat and clean paper or sketchbook
  • A clipboard
  • And lastly, an eraser

 How can I Draw a step-by-step easy drawing of the Black Panther for kids?

The beautiful piece of art has six steps to go before you have a complete and nice drawing of Black Panther. The drawing steps are given here one by one;

Step zero:

This step is marked by insurance that you have collected all the materials you require, and you have accomplished all the important tasks. Also, it is necessary to have some spare time before getting started so that you may not have to leave it incomplete. You may also like tom and jerry drawing

Step 1:

Draw the basic outline of the Black Panthers, using a pencil. Draw the head first with the cat-like ears on the top. Draw the lower collar very cautiously by drawing inward and outwards. Remember, you have to draw finger-like projections with equal square space on both sides.

Black Panther Drawing full body


Step 2:

Draw the ears boundary from inside and then bring the two sidelines from the sides of the face to make a chin in the middle. Draw the collar by drawing a double strap on the neck. Then draw the inner boundary of the chest necklace.

Black Panther Drawing pencil

Step 3:

Now, draw the big closed shaped closed figure below the forehead. From the center of the forehead, leave some space. Draw sickle-like semi-circular curves on both sides. Then bring them vertically straight to create a sense of nose.

Black Panther Drawing realistic

Step 4:

Below the vertically hung lines, make a nose hole and a spacing to show the mouth in a mask Panther. Then draw the simple designs by pulling four hollow patterns on the face as per directed. Fill the triangles on both ears with a grey color.

How to draw Black Panther Drawing

Step 5:

Pick a grey color, and color all the hollow patterns except the mouth and nose, leaving them white. Color the rest area a full black shade.

Easy Black Panther Drawing

How to Draw the Sketch of the Black Panther in the Sketchbook?

The black panthers is many folds more fun if you will draw the sketch of the Black Panthers. Instead, the sketch suits the character Black Panther more than the drawing. The sketching instructions are given below:

  1. Trace the boundary with the relatively darker and thicker tip of a pencil.
  2. The inner shading should be perfectly homogeneous.
  3. If you cannot make the filling homogeneous, then shade at an angle so that if any space is left, doesn’t make the sketching ugly or incomplete.
  4. As you finish it, cover it with butter paper to avoid any dust.
  5. This will also prevent the printing of sketches on the next page.


The simple, easy, and most wonderful step-by-step drawing of the Black Panther seems to be totally successful. The kids may learn it from our page Cool Drawings Ideas and can amuse their classmates and teachers. The teachers, on the other hand, can give their pupils a nice idea of trying Black Panther and writing a creative essay on any favorite superhero topic. The epic Black Panther ‘s complicated drawing and sketching have become really cool by following the steps we give. Isn’t this true? Practice to make it again and again. It will bring a particular level of expertness to your hands. 

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