How to Draw Easy Black Cat Drawing Step By Step

According to global research, out of the whole population of humans in the world, 57% have a pet. Cats are the pets of people more than 23 percent of this 57% preceding dogs. The people who carry a cat as their pet are lively, happy, and satisfied. Although the cats are not as faithful as the dogs are, still they seem cuter to their lovers. While we talk about the colors of the cats, it is a sad reality that the cats are judged with respect to their coat colors. It is considered a bad omen if a black cat crosses someone’s path, in various cultures of the world. In the subcontinent, the people are superstitious and are helpless to believe this. In countries like the United Kingdom and Scotland, it is considered a piece of good luck if a black cat gets across your pathway. This makes the people there love the black cats instead of rejecting them.

Black cats are attractive, energetic, and elegantly well-mannered cats as compared to others. The people already take the cats as a source of absorbing all the negativities in the owners and making them feel fresh. But black cats, especially in China, are associated with warding off evil spirits and welcoming the good ones. Also, they are thought to attract the money and the money stuff making the owners wealthy and rich.

What are the Distinct Features of a Black Cat?

  • Black cats are thought to develop happy interactions like family, etc.
  • Black coat cats have twenty-plus breeds, with each and everyone carrying a stunning beauty.
  • The black cats are much more active and lovely than white cats. White cats are quite still, lazy, and turtle breeds.
  • Most of the black cats are yellow-eyed.
  • Almost all the cats in black coats are male cats. Only a small fraction of black cats are female felines.
  • They are symbols of good luck and bad luck, in different cultures and countries of the world.

Why is drawing a black cat important?

Cats are such a lovely character that any drawing book, comic series, movie, or novel is incomplete without entering it.  So kids may draw a black cat as their pet’s picture, or their favorite movie character. They may also draw it as science homework asking to draw a feline creature. Moreover, every art class teacher makes it a routine activity to let students draw their favorite animal in their drawing book. 

How can I draw an easy and beautiful drawing of a black cat for kids?

Well, this is quite simple. With the help of our cool drawing ideas, you will definitely get the simplest guide to drawing a black cat. Our pictorial guide with a detailed explanation is worth better than an art mentor. The black cat step-by-step drawing is given in the following lines. Scroll more to have the full guide and be excited to draw a marvelous cat drawing.

black cat drawing

What are the materials needed to make a cat drawing?

This does not require a lot of stationery items. Collect the following with a clean page or drawing book fixed on a clipboard:

  • A pencil with a good tip and texture
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener 
  • A yellow pencil color or paint
  • Silver or yellow glitter powder
  • A piece of cotton or cotton bud

What are the steps for drawing a cute black cat drawing for kids?

These are listed below; read each and act accordingly to have a good result:

Step 1:

First of all, draw the head of the cat by drawing a lower semi-circle and then two inverted v-shaped ears. The ears should be at the corners not on top of the head. Then draw a slightly bumpy horizontal line to meet both ears. Now you have a closed figure like this:

black cat drawings realistic

Step 2:

Make two leveled, hollow, almond-shaped eyes in the face. Now extend down two vertically parallel lines as the narrow neck. Make the right line sweep in an outer curve of the cat body and make a D- shaped curve. On the other line, draw the legs of a sitting cat. The two legs should be spaced a little. In the end, finish the hind pair of legs. 

black cat drawings cute

Step 3:

Put big eyeballs in the hollow eye slots, and then make two vertical ovals in them to mention brightness. Carve the ears with an external extra boundary to give a 3D look. Put an inverted triangle in the middle of the face as the nose. At last, it is time to draw the tail of the cat. Draw it as a raised beautifully curved tail and the third step ends.

black cat painting easy

Step 4:

Put whiskers on the cheeks of the cat because a cat is incomplete without them. 

black cat drawings easy

Step 5:

Pick the black color and color the full body with the black color leaving the eyes.

black cat face drawings

Step 6: 

Pick a yellow color and fill the eyes very carefully and make the inner circle of the eyeballs black.  The cat drawing is ready to be displayed.

cartoon black cat charecter

How can I make my cute black cat drawing look even more adorable?

  • You may sprinkle the black glitter on the coat of the cat making it shiny. You can also give little glitter touches in the middle of the eyes. 
  • Take a cotton bud and slide it smoothly all over the pencil-colored cat to make the color blend throughout the body.
  • You can also use a small piece of towel cloth or soft tissue paper instead.


The beautiful black cat drawing via the cool drawing ideas is really an enjoyable experience. Try out the steps mentioned above and make a superb black cat on your scrapbook. Also, you may teach your young pupils to draw an arrogant black cat as their artwork.  Share with friends if you liked the idea. You may also like this drawing of cheetah

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