Birds Drawings

Birds, the winged creatures with feathers, have long been a favorite drawing subject with artists worldwide. While some may be easier than others, there are various types of birds you can remove. There are some key aspects you need to know before you jump right into drawing birds. These are very important as they apply to every bird you will ever draw. First, let’s talk about their shape. Birds have a distinct shape that can be easily broken down into four sections: The head, body, tail, and wings. Wings are an interesting case because they can take on many different forms depending on the breed of bird, but no matter what the breed is, a wing has a base that connects to the body, fingers.

The second important thing to keep in mind is where the eye is. All birds have eyes on their other side of their heads. It allows for great depth perception and helps them hunt for prey in the wild. When drawing any bird, make sure you keep this in your mind. Otherwise, your bird will look strange if it doesn’t have this feature. Learning how to draw birds can be difficult, so we recommend starting with elementary shapes using graphite pencils first. Then move up from there with colored pencils or paints. We also suggest practicing your sketching skills. There are numerous kinds of birds however, for this, but for this example, we’ll be drawing a cardinal bird: