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Cute Bird Drawing for Kids Step by Step Easy Drawing

Bird Drawing is one of the most popular drawing especially in the kids. Birds are so cute and flying creatures and these are not dependent others. Their way of living makes them unique . They are found in  range with different ages and sizes, from a bold eagle and ostriches to small, subtle hummingbirds. There are many varieties of birds in this world. Specially, the birds are  loyal. There are many people I this world who love bird’s photos , paintings and sculptures. The bird is the best creation of nature .

Facts About Birds:

  1.  Birds are only creatures which are feathered.
  2.  Bird’s ancestors are dinosaurs.
  3.  Crocodiles are very closest relatives of birds.
  4.  Birds often use sound and color for communication.
  5.  There are many species of birds in this world , mostly are monogamous.
  6. Metabolic rate of birds is very high.

Birds’ Drawings For Kids:

The drawing of birds is very famous for kids. They feel happy while sketching birds. The drawings of birds have its own place in the hearts of kids.

Bird Drawing Cute:

Children are very much excited to draw the sketches of birds because according to them these are very prettiest creatures in this world.

These are very interesting characters to draw.

Bird Drawing Simple:

The drawing of birds is not time wasting. If a person who is master in drawing can sketch a cute bird in minimum time limit. But a kid takes more time in drawing at beginning but with the passage of time it will be easy .

Animations of Birds:

Animations of cute birds like sparrows and pigeons are very famous in children. People earn a lot of money by creating the 3D animations of birds because kids have a very keen interest to see the birds’ animations.

Bird Drawing Flying:

Birds have a very beautiful feather with them. Drawing a flying bird is very easy task because it makes the birds more pretty. You may also like the Dog and Cat Drawing

   How to Draw a Cute Bird In 6 Steps

bird drawing images

 If you are curious  for information  like birds drawing, then it’s the better  place for you. To draw a bird is an exciting way for beginners . Because the bird is the unique creation of nature. So, it will be fun to draw a bird for a person to start. Also, it is not so easy because catching a bird on paper is a bit difficult. You have to remember in your mind  of  skills like observing .

 In order to draw the cute bird, you have to follow the following steps which are discussed with the images also.

Step 1:

First of all, you have a clear picture  of  a bird sitting on a stem of tree to make a sketch in your minds. Remember in your mind that a starting point because with the starting point you will be able to draw a clear picture. Begin by drawing a stem of tree .Draw  it from left side and remember that there will be two ends on left side and one on right side.

bird drawing easy

Step 2:

 After drawing a shape of  stem now you have to make head of bird . It should be egg shaped. Now you have to draw eyes by making two vertical egg-shaped eyes. There will be dark blue color on upper side of head of bird and light color on lower side. Then draw a yellow-colored beak in lower side of eyes but it should be in middle of eyes. Now the head of bird is prepared with two eyes and one beak.

bird drawing Flying

Step 3:

After drawing the head, you have to draw the neck of bird with sky or light blue color. Now draw the right feather of bird with blue color. The right feather should be larger than left. completing body of dog, you have to start for cat from left side. In third step we have drawn two feathers and neck.

bird drawing for kids

Step 4:

Now you have to attach sky colored feather’s endings with blue colored feathers. Now the upper body of bird is prepared with so much beautiful feathers.

bird drawing realistic

Step 5:

After completing the upper body of bird, you have to start that line which was attached with the neck of the bird and make the lower body of bird. The lower body should be blue colored. Then make a tail which should be attached with lower side of stem and lower body of bird should be attached with upper side of stem.

bird drawing cartoon

Bird drawing With Color:

Now you have to draw the claws of bird which should be gripped to stem. The color should be yellow. These should be attached with lower body of the bird from one side .Now a very cute and beautiful bird is prepared.

bird drawing pictures

  Bird’s  Sketch:

It is possible for you  to download the sketch of bird   but I would recommend you to draw it by yourself because in this way you will be able to learn a lot of fun with these drawings. We know that birds  are cute by their uniqueness.

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