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Batman is the superhero of American comic books and media especially animations and fictional movies. Batman is considered to be the favorite character of children all over the world due to its unusual powers and glamorous presentation in movies. The dramatically amazing role of batman in all the comics has gathered its fans all across the world.  The heroic deeds, the splendid personality, and the action mixed with fiction make up the content of the batman movies. Also, the print media brings Batman as the best fandom celebrity with hundreds of superpowers.

Batman wears a black cloak-type poncho and an amazing smart suit fits his muscular body. The head is covered with the hoodie of batman’s back floating flag dress. the face, on the other hand, remains covered with a mask to hide the person playing the role in actual. In fact, this mask was helpful to make the multiple models play the role of Batman in Hollywood movies and animations. The famous characters that played the role of batman were:

  • Robert Lowery
  • Wal Kilmer
  • Christian Bale
  • Michael Keaton
  • Lewis G. Wilson
  • Gus Lewis
  • Etc

Interesting Facts About Batman:

  1. Batman is such a famous character that the Canadian university of victoria has put up a course to study batman on their campus. They named it the science of batman.
  2. A mobile named batman has come up with the name “batmobile” on amazon. Its power is much more than a bike or civic. This mobile is reported to have the power of 10k hp.
  3. In most of the series of Batman, Kevin Roy played the voice of the character batman.
  4. The most common villain against batman is the “Joker”. It joined batman in 12 different series including “The Dark Knight”.
  5. The batsuit that batman wears has all the accessories on it as artificial super powers/. These are bulletproof, fireproof, waterproof, shockproof, night vision spectacles, etc.
  6. The distinction of batman is that it holds the “no kill” case. It has not killed the rivals in any of the superhero series. But older comics show that batman could kill and war.

Why do I need to draw a cool drawing of batman for kids?

Batman is such a lovely superhero that has been always a dream drawing for all young minds. The kids love to draw the superhero they like in their animations.  Besides, they also ask their art teacher to let them learn how to draw the batman in the drawing book. Many of the kids want to draw batman in the art project assigned to them.  Also, they may want to make a little portrait of batman for the kid’s room in a school or their bedroom.

Just like all other superheroes have been important to draw so does batman too. 

The parents, teachers, and the kids themselves must learn how to draw a unique, and fantastic drawing of Batman for their purposes. In this regard, they may seek help from our simple, easy, and pictorial guide to draw a beautiful drawing of a batman.

What Materials are Needed to Draw a Cool and Handsome Batman for Kids?

There the materials you need are not very much. Just pick up your stationery box with the following items:

  • Set of pencils ( different shades for sketch)
  • Set of colored pencils
  • Watercolors or poster colors ( yellow, grey, blue, and black)
  • A scale with graduation
  • Cotton buds or a soft cloth/tissue
  • A hardboard or clipboard

How can I draw a cool drawing of batman for kids in a step-by-step process?

The step-by-step guide needed for drawing a batman is given below in seven steps. However, if you find it tough to draw in seven steps you may further split the steps into substeps to make yourself comfortable at drawing a cool batman.

Step 1:

Draw the rough outline of batman’s body in a very balanced way. First, draw the boundary at the head with a bat-shaped hoodie, and then gradually draw the face, neck, arms, and legs all joint together with a single outline.

batman drawing for kids

Step 2:

Now take an eraser and erase the connection with the head and shoulders and separate the trunk from the upper head with a  straight horizontal line. Next, draw the cape of the batman’s dress distinction and leave it floating behind him. Also, make the lower free end of the cape a flappy look.

batman drawing face

 Step 3:

The third step starts with making the eye cover of the hoodie and the lips of batman. first, make an inner outlet from the hoodie with a curved boundary. Then, draw angled horizontal lines across both cheeks to draw the mask f eyes. Leave the hollow space for the eyes.

Next, draw the chest mark with the bat inside as depicted below. At last, draw the belt at the waist of batman. For this draw a hollow curved rectangle then fills it according to the pattern of the belt shown below:

batman drawing easy full body

 Step 4:

In this step, there are multiple tasks to be done:

  1. First, draw the shoes at the legs at the appropriate length.
  2. Then draw the underwear line, to show the underwear the batman is wearing.
  3. Draw the gloves boundary and the closed fists at both terminal arms.
  4. Draw some more lines on the cloak that is flapping behind him, to mention its surface area.
  5. Lastly draw random small cuts on the thighs, arms, and abdomen to show the muscular look of batman.
beautiful batman drawing

Step 5:

Pick up black and grey colors and now start filling from the right with alternative black and bluish grey shades on the cloak. Also, make the nose mask piece look bluish grey.

batman drawing realistc

Step 6:

Pick black and yellow colors and fill the chest mark with black for the bat and the rest for yellow. Also, use black color to fill the underwear he wears. Don’t forget to use the black shade in the hoodie space and eye mask. Fill the belt with a yellow shade.

batman drawing logo

Step 7:

Fill the gloves with blue shade and the rest of the whole body with grey shade. The batman is ready to be presented.

batman drawing with colour

 How can I draw an adorable cool sketch of Batman in my drawing book?

For this purpose, follow up the steps from 1-4 then use the different shades of pencil only to draw a beautiful sketch of batman.

Batman drawing


After following up the 1-7 steps of guidelines, you may draw out an amazingly awesome, and cool drawing of the batman. Whoever you are, either a mentor or pupil, you will definitely enjoy the whole drawing and sketching process. It is always a pleasure to see the hard work bring fruit. Practice more and more to get perfection in drawing batman then finally draw wherever you liked it too. You may also like captain America drawing

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