How To Draw Bart Simpson Drawing In 6 Step Guide for Kids


Bart Simpson Family is the cute, humorous, and comical collection of characters on TV serials since the time they were first filmed. The TV cartoonist Matt Groening was the one who developed them on the screen in 1987. The Simpson Family was very first time presented on TV in the first show called Tracey Ullman Show and then it was a never-ending journey of beautiful shows. The famous shows which made the Simpson family smash hit in the whole world are:

  1. Goodnight- on Fox channel in the United States in 1989
  2. Walking Big and Tall-13th season in America
  3. My Sister-My Sitter-18th episode
  4. Oh, Brother! where art thou?- 28th episode
  5. Brother, can you spare two Dimes?
  6. The heartbroken Kid-17th episode
  7. Catch’em if you can. – 15th episode
  8. The Regina monologues- 7th episode
  9. Gone Abie Gone- 4th episode
  10. Viva Ned Flanders- 10th season

And hundreds more…

The Simpson shows are signalized with the sitcom animations all reflecting American lifestyles, and culture of America. Though the movies fully picture US life the series has been liked and watched all throughout the globe. The series was also dubbed in many languages like German, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, etc., and is equally old in all countries due to satirical scripts in all domains.

The Simpsons constitute a nuclear family ( a cute family of parents and children only) of 5 members plus 2 pets. The family heads are the father Homer Simpson and the mother Marge Simpson who together raise three children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The family is basically a dysfunctional family but the overall stories show they do care for one another and are not totally arrogant. These characters have been voiced by five different vocalists which are:

  • Marge Simpson: by Julie Kavner
  • Bart Simpson: by Nancy Cartwright
  • Lisa Simpson: by Yeardley Smith
  • Maggie Simpson: Jodie Foster, Elizabeth Tayler, HarryShearer
  • Homer Simpson:Daniel Louis Castellanetta

The other side characters like Homer’s half-brother, the children’s friends, their grandpa, the neighbors, etc show up at variable times. Still, the main focus stays on either one of five or all five characters that actually make the stream fascinating enough. 

Now let us specifically discuss the main character Bart whose drawing we are going to make in this session:

Bart Simpson:

Bart Simpson is the elder son of Mr. Homer and Miss Marge, and the only brother to Maggie Simpson and Lisa Simpson. He is a relatively dishonest, arrogant, naughty, disobedient, and stubborn child. He loves to miss school, tease students, teachers, and pets, and makes everything possible to annoy his parents and teachers. This mischievous and troublesome boy reads in the fourth grade and also attended an elementary school previously. He has never found any interest in studies due to negligent teachers and friends that appreciate his prankish attitude.  

His mother is often worried about his behaviors but still, this could not improve the child’s shape.  Bart celebrates his birthday on the 23rd of February and also holds some part-time jobs during extra school time. 

simpson drawing

Interesting Facts about Simpsons:

  1. Bart Simpson has nine hair spikes on his signature hairstyle.
  2. In some episodes, Bart’s Twin brother is filmed whose name is Hugo.
  3. Bart Simpson’s own comic book was released in 2000 that includes only Bart’s stories.
  4. Bart Simpson is 10 years old and never ages and so does all the Simpsons.
  5. Bart Simpson carries a blood group of O negative which is thought to be the universal donor blood group.
  6. A T-shirt saying: “I am Bart Simpson . Who the hell are you?” was released and sold. But later it was banned since it shows vulgarity and abuse.

Drawing an Easy, Step-by-step Drawing of Bart Simpson :

Bart Simpson is the favorite cartoon series character so children may always dream to draw the whole Simpson family. Also, they may ask you to draw the special Bart drawing or Sketch at home or school. There may be many methods to draw one but the one here we present will be the easiest one. You can learn the Bart drawing for hand sketches, drawing, or portraying, and also for digital drawing apps like illustrator in a few steps.

How to draw a Cool Drawing of Bart Simpson in an Easy Step-by-step process?

You can surely draw your very own Bart Simpson Drawing in a few Easy and handy steps we just explained here. Also, you may see whether you follow the instructions correctly or not by matching the pictures given in each step. For your comfort, we give you the full depiction of each and every step. Plus the distinction for every step is given with green and black steps as shown. 

Step 1:

In the very first step, we are going to draw Bart Simpson’s Giant head with crown top hairs. As usual, we are not going to draw any interior expressions in the first step. This step is the primary step so be careful while drawing it since the outline of any drawing decides whether the drawing is good or not. 

This step comprises a few sub-instructions:

  1. Draw the two very light vertical lines with a very light shade of pencil.
  2. On the top, join the two lines via a zig-zagging line going horizontally. This shows the hairstyle of Bart Simpson.
  3. On the right vertical line, extend the dark pencil line downwards with an inward little curve and leave a small gap. Later make an outer square shape on that gap for an ear drawing.
  4. Now on the left vertical line, draw the facial features with two bumps outward. These are for the forehead and for eyes that bulge out on Bart’s Face.  make a round descending step for the jaws and a little one more for the chin. 
  5. The outline of Bart Simpson’s Face is ready!
bart simpson drawing cool

Step 2:

In step one, we learned how to draw a successful smooth face outline of Bart Simpson. Now, we are going to draw the eyes, the nose, the ear, and the lips. For this:

  1. Erase some space on the left vertical faceline.
  2. Now draw very carefully in the middle of the face, Bart’s nose. The nose is not like the usual ones; it is horizontal instead of vertical and is Little a thick finger.
  3. Draw a little ear curve for the ear and then make an arrow-like mark in it to show the structure of the ear. 
  4. From the first jaw step on the right line, extend the jawline and mention it as the smile on the lips of Bart Simpson.
  5. Now, just above the nose, draw the first and right eye with a whole circle. The second and left eye drawing is a little tricky; Draw a circle but some area is missed due to the nose and the first eye. Also, draw two tiny circles, one in each eye socket for the eyeball.

Step 2 is completed successfully.

how to draw the simpsons family

Step 3:

The third step shows how to draw Bart Simpson’s Dress and the upper trunk. It will include his shirt, shorts, and arms.

Let’s start:

  1. From the neck of Bart Simpson, Draw a lower curved horizontal line for the shirt neckline.
  2. Now on the left end of this curve, draw down a straight line with a little tummy bump. 
  3. Draw the right side by making a curve for the shirt sleeve, and make its end curved. Later join the left and right shirt lines to give a perfect shirt shape. 
  4. From the lower left end of the shirt, draw the shorts line that comes towards the right and falls straight down. Then make the other shorts line with an L shape.
  5. For making arms, make a bell-shaped ( inverted u shape)  sleeve and now make the arms line with two straight lines going into the pocket.
  6. At the end of the shorts, draw a horizontal curved line to show the pocket. 
How do you draw Bart Simpsons step by step

Step 4:

Draw two horizontal lines on each pent side, for legs, and then make a pair of matching shoes. To make the shoes first draw the lower double lining, then the back wall, and at last a circle on one shoe. Also, draw the top of the shoes in curved double lines as shown.

How do you draw The Simpsons dad

Step 5:

It’s time to color the drawing now. Use a yellow shade to fill the face of Simpson and leave the eyes empty. Now pick a shade of blue and color the shoes as shown in the picture.

How to Draw Bart Simpson VIDEO  Step by Step Pictures

Step 6:

Fill the arm and legs with a yellow shade and then fill red in the shirt. Next, pick another blue shade for shorts, and at last, fill the eyeballs of Bart Simpson.

Congrats! You are done with Bart Simpson Cool Drawing in easy steps. 

How To Draw Bart Simpson Draw for Kids

How to Draw Bart Simspon’s Cool Drawing via Illustrator?

If you are drawing and sketching on the Illustrator app or any other digital drawing app, follow up on all the steps given. Make sure you don’t use green color for drawing, it is only to distinguish the new and the older steps in diagrams. Drawing on Illustrator gives you another advantage; you can color the drawing with exact hues since you have a very extended variety of shades there.

How to sketch Bart Simpson with a pencil in your sketchbook?

Sometimes you wish to draw a Simpson sketch instead of a painting; so, you can also try this out too. Follow up on the steps illustrated from step 1 to step 4 and later shade it with different styles.  You may also pick dark and light shades of a black pencil to make your drawing more realistic and cool. 


Bart Simpson’s Drawing in an easy and stepwise process, with gradual guidance with pictures, is exhibited.  You can also pick to draw the head only according to your artwork type. Plus you can further teach your younger ones to draw Vart Simpson’s cool sketches and portraits at home or school.

Share your experience and invite your siblings to the cool drawing ideas to add more fun to your art and drawing learning. You may also like iron man drawing

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