How to Draw Easy Realistic Bald Eagle Drawing Step By Step For Kids

Eagles are vulture-like hunting birds with strong appearance and muscles. Among all the hunting animals the eagles are found to be the strongest of all birds. The eagles are the most famous birds and are found in almost all the regions of the world, especially the regions with cliffs and rocks. They have a pair of very sharp eyes that can see whatever they want. They can also see hundreds and thousands of feet above the earth while flying. That’s why they can catch prey very effectively and fast. 

Eagles have been divided into two big categories that are Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles. The word bald does not mean that they are bald or they don’t have any hair. It is actually the derived version of the: “BALDE” which means shiny white. Since the head of a bald eagle is covered with shiny white hairs, it is called a bald eagle. They have distinct characteristics from those of golden eagles which have golden hairs on their necks and heads. The bald eagles, when they are young, look like the golden ones with no white head. After they are grown upto 4-6 years they start developing the distinction and look different in adulthood.

The bald eagle is found in the USA, some parts of Canada, and also in Mexico but with a limited number of pairs now. They prefer to fish for their food so live in areas that are near the waters. They make their nests on top of very tall trees and nests are very hard and made of sticks. Instead of living on cliffs, they love to live on tall trees to keep an eye on prey. The bald eagle is one of those birds which are not affected by human interference in their habitat or surroundings.

What is the Need to Draw a Bald Eagle for Kids?

Your kids may need to draw a bald eagle on his/her drawing because of a few reasons. The teacher may ask kids to draw the sharpest and cleverest bird in their drawing book. Or the kids may draw a bald eagle as their favorite bird. They may also think of drawing it while doing their science projects of differentiating bald and golden eagles. Whatever the need is, to learn drawing new things for an art student is quite essential. So make your kid excited to learn a new piece of fantastic art.

How Can I Draw an Easy and Cute Drawing of a Bald Eagle for Kids?

This is quite easy. Open up our website with cool drawing ideas and search for the bald eagle drawing. You will find the best pictorial mentoring to draw a simple and cute bald eagle.

Bald eagle drawing

How can I Draw a Cute and Beautiful Bald Eagle Step By Step?

You can draw a bald eagle in steps if you like. The cool drawings ideas support the method of teaching drawings in a simple step-wise guide. Each step represented with pictures gives a good understanding and a kid may draw it very easily.

What are the materials I need to draw a cool and beautiful bald eagle?

This is the list of materials you will need for a Good Drawing:

  • A sheet of clean A4 drawing paper or the drawing book
  • A lead pencil with a sharpened tip
  • A sharpener
  • An eraser
  • A set of colored pencils
  • A set of water paints or poster colors
  • A set of sketch pencils ( to draw a sketch)
  • Gigly eyes
  • A tissue paper/ cotton bud/soft cloth

After you collect everything, put the sheet in the clipboard and get started.

What are the steps by which I can draw a bald eagle drawing?

There are a total of five steps we need to draw a fantastic drawing of a bald eagle. Follow up all the steps carefully  and match the pictures given on each step:

Step 1:

First of all, draw the wings of the eagle and the basic tails structure of the eagle. Remember we are going to draw a bald eagle who has stretched out his wings in the air like flying or landing.  Make two horizontal extensions from the lower middle region towards the left and right. Then make the lower side curly meet them with the tail. Pick out a few more extensions of the tail as well.

Bald Eagle Drawing easy

Step 2:

Over the middle of the wings, draw a head now. Also, mark a new region on the tail and make the feathery look by curling the lower base.

Bald Eagle Drawing realistic

Step 3:

Now, draw the little eyes on the head and the beak. Two small circles with a triangular beak. Make the beak open by drawing an inverted small triangle on the first erect triangle. Draw the feet of the eagle by simply drawing four fingers for each as shown:

Bald Eagle Drawing with colour

Step 4:

Time to color!

Take out a shade of brown or rust color and fill it in wings leaving the tails and head pure white. Color the feet yellow.

Bald Eagle Drawing For Kids

Step 5:

Fill the lower triangle of the beak with the same shade of brown color. Color the beak with yellow color. And the drawing is all done!

flying bald eagle drawing

What are the tips to make my bald eagle drawing look unique?

  • If you have a pair of giggly eyes, put them in the place of eyes instead of drawing them. This will give a realistic look to your eagle. 
  • Don’t forget to merge the color smoothly with a piece of cotton or cotton bud.
  • If you have butter paper, put it beneath the drawing and the next page. This will make the drawing stay intact and undisturbed. otherwise, the colors may print on the next page.

How can I Draw a Painting of a Bald Eagle in simple steps for kids?

 All you need is to draw the drawing and fill the drawing with paints instead of pencil colors. After it dries out, frame it and hang it wherever you like in the classroom or bedroom.

How can I Draw a Sketch of a Bald Eagle in Simple Steps for Kids?

You can draw the sketch very easily by making the drawing with a lead pencil and then filling it with different shades of lead pencil. You may also give a unique look to your drawing by making the beak yellow on a black and white sketch.


So here you are with the simple step-by-step guide for drawing a cute and beautiful plus realistic cool drawing of a bald eagle. Seek the guidelines if you are an art teacher or student and share it with friends. Practice more and more to give yourself a perfect hand to draw the best bald eagle drawing. Have fun by making visit to our cool drawings to have the daily updated drawings. You may also like bird drawing

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