Animals Drawings

Drawing animals is a favorite hobby of many artists. They inspire us and delight us with their beauty. Here, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic animal drawing tutorials that experienced artists and designers have created. You can easily follow these step-by-step tutorials and produce excellent results in no time. Like other genres, drawing animals has its origin. Artists try to draw animals as realistically as possible. This helps them learn the anatomy and proportions of the animal’s body. In most cases, artists use pencils to create these realistic drawings. Then they move on to other media such as charcoal and ink.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of how to draw animals, you can start experimenting in your own time with all sorts of animals. If you are new to drawing, I recommend starting with simple animals like dogs and cats because they are easy to draw and don’t involve too much detail. Whether you’re new to drawing or want to improve your skills, these tutorials are perfect for you. So, grab your pencils, markers, and paper and start drawing. Have a detailed yet straightforward reference picture for your animal drawing.

You can utilize this as a guide when making your illustration. Determine the size of your animal and draw that on the paper using sets of parallel lines. Sketch out the basic shape Draw in the features of the face. Draw details of your animal’s body, such as legs and tail. Add more shading and contours to give out a 3D effect for your animal drawing, as well as more details for its fur or hair.